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Don't be tempted to take a selfie inside the polling booth!

It's a paid holiday - so don't miss voting. More tips and information on voting day for you!

Prajwala Hegde, Apr 16 2014
All set to vote on the 17th? Here's some info for you!

If you are a first-time voter and are bombarded by people telling you how to vote and who to vote for, this is for you!

6 Nikita Malusare, Apr 15 2014
Compare Bangalore North candidates before you vote!

Check who the candidates are from your area, what did they do, and who deserves your vote!

Josephine Joseph, Apr 15 2014
BSY is a mass leader: Ananth Kumar

After chasing him for a long time, Citizen Matters finally caught up with Ananth Kumar who gave us an interview. Here is the output!

2 Nikita Malusare, Apr 15 2014
Ananth Kumar: A lookback on promises and achievements

Bangalore South MP, though is very vocal in Parliament, seems to be unable to connect with his electorate back home effectively. Read more!

Josephine Joseph, Apr 15 2014
Analysis of questions by Bangalore MPs

Questions reflect the outlook of the MPs and their parties - they are literally a projection of their personalities!

Vivek Vaidyanathan, Apr 15 2014

Banner controversies, distribution of money and promotional materials etc were reported from here and there. Citizens seemed to be more focussed on candidates, rather than parties.

Nikita Malusare, Apr 18 2014
Most Discussed
Small_list_20140226_171340 The BDA has issued the 4th notification for flat allotments. Here is a primer to understand the procedures involved in buying a BDA flat.
Ganga Madappa, Mar 03 2014
Most Read
Small_list_election_commission Not registered in voter list yet? You can, till March 16. Here's your guide to this election season.
News Desk, Mar 06 2014
Puzzled on how to pay property tax? Here's how you can do it without much hassle!
D R Prakash, Apr 14 2014
Water, Roads and Power
Small_list_garbage_dump An exclusive control room meant for garbage complaints will help in handling the situation better in Bengaluru.
Sandya Narayanan, Apr 09 2014
Small_list_20140311_122954__1_ Come summer, you will see garbage or leaves burning on the streets of Bangalore. What is the risk? How to deal with this?
Arathi Manay Yajaman, Mar 24 2014
Children & Schooling
Small_list_18_03_14_sakshi_ped When the Physical Education students who are going to be instructors in future don't have good facilities to train themselves, can we expect quality in sports?
Sakshi Gupta, Mar 19 2014
People & Interviews
Small_list_abdul_ajeem A peek into the life of JD(S) candidate for Bangalore North, Abdul Azeem.
Josephine Joseph, Apr 08 2014
Neralu - the Bangalore Tree Festival is around the corner. Read what Bangalore's brand ambassadors, Anu Prabhakar and Nisha Millet have to say about it.
Poornima Kannan, Jan 13 2014
Art and Leisure
Small_list_processedfood Too much salt can result in many problems, while too little can also do the same thing. Strike a balance with your salt intake!
Sweta Uchil-Purohit, Apr 18 2014
Business & Economy
Submit the Customer Application Form to your cable operator today, to enjoy your subscribed channels.
Vishwanath PB, Feb 04 2014


T-20 Blind World Cup champs India take on Australia on 13th-14th April in Bengaluru
Sports and culture take a place of pride during Prevention of Blindness Week coming up in Bengaluru. Two T20 major matches between India and Australia ahead next week. 
Sports •  See and Do •  Features
Ashish Sen, Apr 10 2014
The story of how I got my voter id in Bangalore
They advertise about how easy it is to get your voter card. In reality, it is not a cakewalk!
Sakuntala Narasimhan, Apr 09 2014
Who do we call when waste collection system fails?
An exclusive control room meant for garbage complaints will help in handling the situation better in Bengaluru.
Sandya Narayanan, Apr 09 2014

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