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When Uber, taxi drivers went to court

The on-going court battle between Karnataka Transport Department and taxi aggregators.

Akshatha M, Jul 22 2016
The thankless job of a traffic cop on Outer Ring Road

They man the traffic, spending their days sorting out chaos on the roads. What is a traffic cop’s life like?

2 Akshatha M, Jul 20 2016
Meet the vets of Bannerghatta Zoo

Who takes care of the animals at Bengaluru's Bannerghata National Park— what is their work like?

Saravana Bharati and Akshath bhat, Jul 18 2016
What is stopping Bengaluru from easing traffic congestion?

The key steps Bangalore is not taking: road space rationing, investing more in buses, subsidising public transport, and adopting options like the BRT system or bus priority lanes.

9 Kate Clark, Jul 14 2016
Ola, Uber may have changed city commute, but all is not well

In the first part of cab aggregators series, you read about how the lives of cab drivers has changed and the profit they make with the advent of taxi aggregators like Uber and Ula. Here is the second part on how commuters are reacting to the changes in commuting.

Akshatha M, Jul 14 2016
A flower from abroad that delights our senses

The beautiful flowers that bloom at night have a heavy, heady fragrance. Known as 'Brahmakamalam', this cactus variety also yields a fruit that we call 'dragon fruit'!

2 Deepa Mohan, Jul 12 2016

Internet access is all it takes to learn Kannada in Bengaluru. Tech advancements have made it easy for anyone to learn the local language!

Kate Clark, Jul 25 2016
Public Messages

Conference discusses sustainable solutions for growing Bengaluru
Sustainable mobility solutions, clean energy, land use patterns, water issues and many other policy-level issues were discussed in a conference organised by World Resource Institute.
Sachi Aggarwal, Jul 10 2016
New group to help home buyers in Bengaluru
Here's a group that will help home buyers get right guidance on the legalities of home buying and inform them of their rights and duties of builders.
M S Shankar, Jun 22 2016
A workshop to brainstorm on solutions for Bengaluru's transport
You are going to hear the city's transport providers out, including Metro and Uber, if you attend this workshop.
Varun John, Jun 02 2016
Small_list_infr-traffic-police-manning-agara-junction They man the traffic, spending their days sorting out chaos on the roads. What is a traffic cop’s life like?
Akshatha M, Jul 20 2016
Water, Roads and Power
Children & Schooling
Small_list_athletics-6 A city with 1/6th of the state's population, yet Bengaluru cannot produce high performing athletes. Why?
Akshatha M, Jun 23 2016
People & Interviews
Small_list_xerxes While Xerxes Desai was well known for his work at Titan and Tata companies, there was another side to him - his passion for urban issues in India.
News Desk, Jul 08 2016
Small_list_intach_heritage_awards_bishop_cotton INTACH announces the winners of the 2nd edition of the Heritage Awards, set up to bring attention and recognition to buildings of heritage value in Bengaluru.
Meera Iyer, Apr 18 2016
Art and Leisure
Small_list_vzitcmrnrl_8bbf-nmtwkgolihcka5inkcyiwnusn0w Internet access is all it takes to learn Kannada in Bengaluru. Tech advancements have made it easy for anyone to learn the local language!
Kate Clark, Jul 25 2016
Business & Economy
Small_list_cab__2_ With the app based cab aggregators occupying space in the city’s transport system, how has it changed the lives of cab drivers? Do they really earn up to Rs 60,000-80,000 a month?
Akshatha M, Jul 05 2016

Now in Chennai too!


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Open letter to CM Siddaramaiah: Bring Subodh Yadav back!
When the city of Bengaluru has set its eyes on 'Smart City' tag, smart and people-friendly officials should be allowed to continue.
Sandya Narayanan, Jun 27 2016
Bengaluru's pavements: foot paths or death traps?
Scooter-borne jay riders race on the wrong side of a road, hit a lady, and flee eve before she wakes up and notes down their numbers. Passersby don't care to take the numbers either. Traffic rules are broken everyday in Bengaluru everywhere, and fines are not helping!
Marianne de Nazareth, Jun 22 2016
This Aadhar centre has neither power, nor manpower!
Can there be some help for old and handicapped people in Aadhar centres? Can these enrollment centres be equipped with more staff and infrastructure?
Kalyani, Jun 17 2016

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