Mar 09 2017
Column: Radio Active Bangalore
Radio Active 90.4MHz
Dollu Kunita is a popular drum dance in karnataka, can it be used as a method for under privileged children to express themselves and gain confidence ?
Sep 15 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Don't rush for credit, ask for cash too. Our birding group just got this pleading email: Hello, I am ___ , from ___ newspaper, I am looking for a photograph of Grey Hornbill, sighted in the City, supporting the news write up. If some one has...
Aug 08 2016
Shree D N
As the controversy regarding Venkatappa Art Gallery slowly fades away, artists are hoping to help the government in making the Gallery an active tourist spot.
Feb 25 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
One of the results of building flyovers to ease traffic in our city is that the spaces underneath them are often a kind of wasteland. In an effort to address this, Jaaga DNA  the design arm of Jaaga, co-ordinated with Brihat...
Nov 13 2015
Pavithra Ashok Kumar
If you have an eye for the visual arts, you're in luck. Namma Bengaluru is home to several art galleries which showcase a plethora of work. Here are some of the must-visit galleries in the city.
Feb 20 2015
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
  Sincere thanks to our neighbourhood clean-up crew at Puttenahalli Lake, 15th Feb 2015 (Pic: Vishnupriya)  A glimpse of Snehadhara Foundation's work in progress - getting ready for its role at Puttenahalli Kere Habba. ...
Aug 15 2014
Blog: Everyday City
The questions: ‘what is art for?’ Or, ‘why man creates?’ have been asked before and answered many times in many different ways. And yet, I want to ask again. It is like the question ‘what is the meaning of life?’...
Aug 02 2014
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
The monsoon is a love - hate season. You may hate the wetness, the puddles, the sniffling noses, darkness of the skies, the difficulty in waking up, but you can't deny that it is magical time with the cooing of the cuckoo, dancing of the peacock...
Mar 07 2014
Blog: Deepa's jottings
I met a lot of interesting people today. My friend Jayashree Govindarajan put me in touch with Nidhi Manoj and Reshmi Chakraborti, who have been, for the past two years, running an e-magazine called Silver Talkies , for those above 55 years...
Feb 03 2014
Blog: Street Stories
Till last year, I didn’t know who Paul Fernandes was, though I had seen his artwork all over Bangalore, occasionally colourfully covering up a bland restaurant wall or even an old space. I loved his work, without realising it was his work. Then...
Nov 14 2013
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Tucked away in the rushed, hurried environment of the City Railway Station is a most unexpected art gallery. Indian Railways have, indeed, been promoting art of late. The underground passage that connects up the various platforms in...
Jul 26 2013
Sujatha V Bhagath
By sharing his life’s journey, Vasudev has given a chance to young artists to take a leaf from his celebrated journey as an artist. A report on the release of the book, 'Vriksha - The Art and Times of S G Vasudev.'
Feb 20 2013
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
At Puttenahalli Lake, we know the value of rainwater and its harvesting. After all, the only water that the lake receives is from rain.   Now here's a good opportunity for artists to help in promoting RWH and win some good prize money too...
Jan 28 2013
Rudreshwar Sen
Rudreshwar Sen tells us what draws him to the gala Chitra Santhe festival every year.
Nov 22 2012
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
PNLIT volunteers at Puttenahalli Lake were clearing the area around the water body and they stumbled on this big stone. It took the might of 4-5 men to move it after digging it out of the ground.   Moving the big stone, Aug 2012  (Pic...
Oct 26 2012
News Desk
Set up to bring back the beauty of handmade in today’s world, this year - The Handmade Collective’s third edition ( 31st Oct to 4th Nov) will have a special section on Karnataka Crafts especially celebrating Rajyotsava Day.
Oct 09 2012
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Here's a photography exhibition that the nature/wildlife/photography enthusiasts would not want to miss - 'Where The Wild Things Are' is a photography exhibition of recent works by Aditya Singh, Ganesh Shankar, Jayanth Sharma and Kalyan Varma. This...
Oct 06 2012
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Artist-in-Residence Fresh Deadline - Call for Applications Artist-in-Residence at Jaaga, 1 Shanthi Road & Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology You can still apply for Artist-in-Residence in collaboration with the Bangalore art communities...
Feb 27 2012
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Origami....  Weekly Origami class at Jaaga on Wednesday 7:30pm (updated time) To: Krishna Panyam Hi, Krishna Panyam is changing the class time for the Origami classes at Jaaga, to 7:30pm, as it was a common request from all those who were...
Feb 16 2012
Bhavani Bhaskar
Try on a Kimono or watch the elaborate tea ceremony at the Japan Habba on February 19th
Feb 03 2012
Pushpa Achanta
During the 1970's and 1980's, Bangaloreans regularly spotted Rumale steeped in bringing out his creations at parks, street corners and famous locales.
Jan 31 2012
Blog: Deepa's jottings
  I've always been interested in Origami....  so I attended the Origam workshop at Jaaga I found that the teacher, Krishna Panyam, was someone I had met earlier, on the bus tour of the lakes of Bangalore Here's one of the pieces...
Dec 12 2011
Suja Sukumaran
Seven artists presented an exhibition of paintings, photographs and sculptures at Alliance Francaise over the weekend.
Dec 02 2011
Pushpa Achanta
Each of the reliefs appears to be infused with life and can hold the viewer in a trance. S G Vasudev's copper reliefs are a visual treat.
Oct 13 2011
Blog: Volunteer Diary
  Why do people build walls between their territories? To ensure privacy? Or safeguard themselves and their belongings? But the borders between "neighbours" such as the United States of America and Mexico, India and Pakistan, Israel...
Sep 02 2011
Blog: Captured
A clay idol of Ganesha on sale at Malleshwaram.  Pic By Ravi Kaushik. ⊕

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