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Feb 07 2017
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
PNLIT Fundraiser concert ' Padma Bhushan Sudha Ragunathan sings for Puttenahalli Lake'  is here ! 'Without music, life would be a mistake,' said Neitzsche. 'Without water, there would be no life,' they say. Sudha Ragunathan , Sangita...
Feb 06 2017
Column: Radio Active Bangalore
Radio Active 90.4MHz
Watch path-breaking films from around the world, that celebrate women’s immensely significant role in nonviolent conflict resolution. Catch a conversation “Speaking Peace in Times of War”. And more!
Jan 21 2017
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Having watched an excellent play staged by Tadpole Repertory earlier (you can see the review here if you wish to) I was eager to watch the production of  “This Will Only Take Several Minutes”, which this...
Jan 08 2017
Blog: Deepa's jottings
We often lament about our children using tablets and X-boxes all the time...but I find, often that even our urban children are quite in touch with the traditional games of childhood. Today, when I went to Kaikondrahalli lake for the kere habba...
Jan 06 2017
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Having heard about the   Dhaatu Puppet Festival   I went with my daughter and two grandchildren to watch the parade, which started from the Dhaatu Bus Stop in Banashankari,      and...
Dec 27 2016
Blog: In Lighter Whine
On Friday evening, I went with my parents to watch Dangal, the new Aamir Khan movie. There have been a lot of videos floating around Facebook lately of Aamir Khan's "transformation" for the movie - how he gained weight and body fat and then lost all...
Dec 14 2016
News Desk
Ramachandra Guha to Chetan Bhagat to Sanjeev Kapoor, many eminent speakers will participate in the literature festival. Children have a separate section with curated programmes exclusively for them.
Dec 07 2016
Krupa Rajangam
Open Day by Bangalore Architects, River Hope’s fourth annual event, makes the city’s best known architecture firms and projects open to the public.
Dec 05 2016
Raghav C Madhukar
A 15-year-old student’s urge to know more about the people after whom the city's streets and parks are named has led to an important local history initiative. Ashoka Youth Venture Fellow Raghav Madhukar shares more about the project.
Dec 05 2016
Blog: In Lighter Whine
Here's an interesting story: in 1849, under the treaty of Lahore, a certain diamond was taken from India and moved to England. The diamond, originally known as the 'Samantik Mani', is still quite legendary. It is known to the world as the 'Kohinoor...
Nov 18 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
On a road trip to Mysore, I spotted this beautiful old house being demolished:   One can see the beautiful facade of the building (a porch was demolished some years earlier)...and the deer above the window. We seem to be destroying...
Nov 17 2016
Column: Radio Active Bangalore
Radio Active 90.4MHz
Channapttana toys are unique to Karnataka, and are world-famous. What do artisans feel about the future of this art?
Nov 16 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
There are times when the production of a play makes the task easy for the reviewer. When there are plenty of criticisms to be made, it always grieves me to have to make negative comments, when I know that each stage production has so much of passion...
Nov 14 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
For children….   Once a year, Children’s Day (celebrated on Nov 14 in India) comes around, and we have many initiatives just for them. One of these was   “Maya Bazaar” a story of mythology and...
Nov 05 2016
Blog: Music Matters
Tyagaraja was a prolific carnatic composer. As he travelled to different places around Thanjavur he composed songs praising the deities of the local temples. When he visited Lalgudi, he composed five songs collectively known as the Lalgudi Pancharatna...
Oct 16 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
On the 15th of October, 2016, as my friends and I were returning from a nature and birding trip to Nandi Hills, we saw these Yakshagana artistes on the road back (which is also the road from the airport into the city.) That was the goddess...
Sep 21 2016
Kate Clark
Photographer Mahesh Shantaram seeks to dispel the myths around African migrants in India and lend them a human face through his portfolio, now on display at a city gallery.
Sep 15 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Don't rush for credit, ask for cash too. Our birding group just got this pleading email: Hello, I am ___ , from ___ newspaper, I am looking for a photograph of Grey Hornbill, sighted in the City, supporting the news write up. If some one has...
Aug 08 2016
Shree D N
As the controversy regarding Venkatappa Art Gallery slowly fades away, artists are hoping to help the government in making the Gallery an active tourist spot.
Jul 25 2016
Kate Clark
Internet access is all it takes to learn Kannada in Bengaluru. Tech advancements have made it easy for anyone to learn the local language!
Jul 25 2016
Blog: Peacocks, Palaces and Pavements
I am here to apologize to all the Indians, the Kannadigas I’ve met in the last three weeks. Immediately upon meeting you, you either spoke to me in English, with the assumption that of course I wouldn’t be familiar with your language...
Jul 22 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Once in a while, one is privileged to attend a concert that not many people seem to know about, Indian Institute of Managerment, Bangalore (IIMB) and The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth (SPIC...
Jul 03 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
It's always intriguing to watch poetry being dramatized, and I was keen on going to watch "Kitchen Poems" by Dhiruben Patel, a 90+ year-old Gujarati writer. Padmavathi Rao, who was the solo actor in this performance produced by Aantarya Film and Theatre...
Jun 03 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
I went to watch Kriyative Theatre’s presentation of “Where The Shadow Ends” after having read the theatre group’s introduction to it, with an open mind...and that open mind was truly filled with sights, sounds, concepts both...
Apr 18 2016
Meera Iyer
INTACH announces the winners of the 2nd edition of the Heritage Awards, set up to bring attention and recognition to buildings of heritage value in Bengaluru.
Mar 29 2016
Surabhi Shastry
Attend this film festival that pays homage to the life and cinema of national award winning actor, the late Smita Patil. Nine of her films are being screened, including the Kannada movie, Anveshane.

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