Children's Activities
Sep 16 2015
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
Thank god it didn't rain! We never thought we would say this but it was important that the early evening of Sat. 12th Sept remained nice and dry. "Keshavraju Thippaswamy" wanted a drum above everything else. Would he get it was the question...
Sep 04 2015
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
PNLIT invites you to celebrate International Literacy Day with "The Boy and the Drum" an engaging folk tale chosen especially for this year's event by Pratham Books. The book, adapted from a folktale by Umesh PN and beautifully ...
Apr 23 2015
Pavithra Ashok Kumar
This summer, plan a fun, educational schedule for your children with a variety of activities where you can watch them grow and enjoy themselves. Inexpensive alternative options to summer camps beckon!
Feb 16 2015
Blog: Like a Lake
PNLIT takes great pleasure in hosting "Lake Alive: Puttenahalli Kere Habba 2015"  on  Saturday 21st February . The festivities will  start from 3 p.m. and go on till 7 p.m. Location: Puttenahalli...
Feb 02 2015
Poornima Kannan
From planting trees to measuring them, and painting murals to making collages, there's a lot in store for students of schools that participate in the Neralu School Project. Hurry, the last date for submission of entries is February 5th.
Dec 10 2014
Padmalatha Ravi
Children in Cooke Town plan a fundraiser event on December 14th to give a new lease of life to their beloved neighbourhood park.
Nov 13 2014
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
PNLIT is committed to promoting awareness of the environment among the residents around the Puttenahalli Lake. We are happy to tie up with  Artyplantz  to achieve this end. Like PNLIT, ArtyPlantz loves nature and takes real pleasure especially...
Sep 14 2014
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
A week has sped by but the story telling event we had on Sept. 6th in collaboration with The Storywallahs is so vivid in our minds as if it took place, well, today. The occasion for special too - celebrating International Literacy Day.  The...
Sep 04 2014
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
PNLIT  is happy to announce a unique story telling + activity event for children.   Let your children listen to TWO exciting stories: The Generous Crow Kaka and Munni .    The story tellers are Nupur Aggarwal...
Jul 01 2014
Blog: Like a Lake
Over the last few months, several jobs related to the rejuvenation of Allalasandra Lake have progressed. Yelahanka United Environment Association (YUVA) , the association that has been working closely with the BBMP for this lake has had multiple...
Jun 19 2014
Blog: Like a Lake
Take a walk around Narasipura 2 Lake in the late evening and you will not miss hearing the brilliant Narasipura Amphibian Harmonic Orchestra! Yes, with the recent rains, the frogs and toads are out and about. While the "Life Cycle of the Frog...
Apr 25 2014
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
To celebrate Earth Day (that is observed all over the world on 22nd April), PNLIT is happy to host an event called Dance at Dusk in association with the Snehadhara Foundation. The programme is being held on a Saturday to enable adults to participate...
Jan 17 2014
News Desk
The programme aims to equip students in the schools of Bengaluru with knowledge and inspire them to take part in participatory democracy and become active citizens.
Jan 16 2014
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
A story about water, 18th Jan 2013, 10:30 am, at Puttenahalli Lake.   Once upon a time, near large apartment communities, an Ashy Prinia searched for a place to lay her eggs. T he land was parched and...
Dec 17 2013
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
Puttenahalli Lake played host to the first ever public science show , by children, on Sunday 15th Dec 2013. The event was conducted by Merry Go Learn (an IIT/IIM alumni initiative), in association with Puttenahalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement...
Dec 11 2013
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
PNLIT, in association with Merry Go Learn, invites you to the FIRST EVER SCIENCE SHOW conducted by students - an environment awareness initiative.  A never before opportunity for 4-13 year olds to -  * Get involved with a range...
Jul 05 2013
Reading and children
Gayatri Devulapalli
An aspiring writer urges parents and guardians to encourage their young ones to read.
Apr 12 2010
Reshmi Chakraborty
With every school, playschool and activity centre announcing a camp, which one do you choose? Citizen Matters lists out some.
Mar 24 2009
Reshmi Chakraborty
It’s summer and there are camps for kids all over the city. But how do you go about selecting the right one?
Jan 21 2009
Pushpa Achanta
Experiences and questions from a volunteer at the Government Kannada Model Primary School, Pottery Town.

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