Mar 03 2017
Blog: Citizens for Bengaluru
The Bengaluru Bus Prayanikara Vedike has launched a joint campaign with Citizens for Bengaluru called the 'Bus Bhagya Beku' campaign, that demands the State Government to provide financial support to BMTC to 'Halve the Fares, and Double the Fleet...
Feb 08 2017
Blog: Peacocks, Palaces and Pavements
After living in one of the most livable cities in the world - Melbourne - I became passionate about the cities’ phenomena. I have strived to discover more active ways to live in a the city, an appetite that has led me to intern with Oorvani...
Jan 23 2017
Blog: Ideas at Work
Wherever BDA shows its Master Plan, there are strong objections to it. People point out that it ... (a) .. is autocratic, having been developed with no input from the people of the city. It is almost as if it is being shown to us after everything...
Jan 03 2017
Column: Nature Feature
Deepa Mohan
A nature walk explored everything from travellers' palm to passion flowers to lipstick plant, while the talk provided the background required to internalise the sightings.
Jan 03 2017
Blog: In Lighter Whine
I've been thinking about our education system a lot (again) lately. Mainly, I've been trying to figure out what it is, exactly, that I dislike about it. After much introspection (read: "Ten minutes of trying to come up with something to write about...
Jan 02 2017
Blog: Malleshwaram Matters
So what do you get when you have an eager reader with a ticking mind and time on her hands! - A Book Club! Reading has always been a pleasant diversion for me. In the 70s, during my childhood, (as for many children who spent their childhood...
Dec 15 2016
Blog: Animal Matters
Going vegan is easy in Bengaluru, with multiple options available. Pic: Sowmya Reddy/ Paradigm Shift Across Bengaluru, people are wilfully modifying their palates in a bid to push cruelty off their plate. Veganism or the practice of adopting...
Nov 28 2016
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
Those of you who visited Puttenahalli Lake within the past few months may have noticed small platforms floating in the water. These are Artificial Floating Islands (AFIs) which we "launched" in June this year. The Vetiver and Canna planted in them...
Nov 25 2016
Blog: Whitefield Rising
Are you frustrated by traffic delays in Bengaluru? Do you know how much time you and others are wasting due to traffic jams! While everyone in Bengaluru complains about the traffic problems of the city, very few invest their personal time and capability...
Nov 25 2016
Blog: Whitefield Rising
Whitefield Habba is an initiative to bring together people belonging to diverse backgrounds and residing in different parts of BBMP's Mahadevapura Zone. To be held at Whitefield's oldest spot - Inner Circle...
Nov 22 2016
Ashwin Mahesh
The BMRDA Act was passed in the mid-1980s, to set up the Bangalore Metropolitan Regional Development Authority, and to empower it to direct the planned development of the state capital region. Since its founding, however, the BMRDA has done nothing...
Nov 11 2016
Blog: Groundwater Stories
See the map to Identify the 4 major reservoirs in Karnataka : Hemavathy, Harangi, KRS and Kabini. Inflows and Outflows to all 4 reservoirs are monitored and known and this forms the basis of all calculations The river flows into TN...
Nov 02 2016
Blog: Animal Matters
Recently, Bengaluru was in news for the wrong reasons. While a woman brutally flung eight puppies to death earlier this year, more recently a mass grave with over 30 street dogs was found in a dump yard with a single survivor. There have been repeated...
Oct 29 2016
Uday Vijayan
Lamps, snacks and crackers in the company of family. A perfect way of celebrating Deepavali! A festival where moderation invariably flies out of the window, especially in the presence of all that food, and the fun. During this festival that...
Oct 27 2016
Pravir B
Pic: Shree D N Diwali or Deepavali, literally a row of lamps, is just round the corner. Spread over five days, it is the biggest festival for our family and our community. The biggest festivities are reserved for amavasya...
Oct 26 2016
Blog: Editors' Blog
It's yet another milestone in the journey of Oorvani Foundation. You may have read about our joint initiative with Radio Active Community Radio 90.8 MHz - Co Media Lab . The community media lab serves as a resource centre, newsroom and a space...
Oct 20 2016
Blog: Animal Matters
Every city, even giant metropolises like Bengaluru, still have a few patches of green, blue or brown that have managed to survive or at least allay the formidable onslaught of concrete and glass. Look carefully in these oases and you’ll be sure...
Oct 12 2016
Column: Being The Ugly Indian
The Ugly Indian
From a dark and dreary under-bridge area to a bright and lively public space, the story of a transformation.
Oct 05 2016
Ashwin Mahesh
In well-planned cities, the government makes the plans and the builders respond to that with project proposals - to build residential communities, commercial facilities, and so on. In our cities, the builders and individual plot owners make their...
Oct 04 2016
Column: Southern Bengaluru Chronicles
Sep 29 2016
Blog: Off Beat
The documents/ replies that I have received from various offices of BBMP in the last five months, to my RTI query on illegal hoardings, are piled up before me. Yet, they have no data that I asked for. Pic: Akshatha It has been precisely five...
Sep 20 2016
Blog: Peacocks, Palaces and Pavements
Ten weeks have flown by and my internship with Citizen Matters has come to a quick end. Tomorrow, I will board a flight, but I will not be leaving India just yet. I am looking forward to three weeks of travel around the subcontinent to see what...
Sep 07 2016
Blog: Peacocks, Palaces and Pavements
Today marks my 12th day in Bengaluru and I am proud to say my desire to take pictures of every single passing cow has subsided. Since arriving the weekend before last, I filled my phone’s camera roll with photos of cattle, likely confusing...
Sep 02 2016
Srinivas Alavilli
Here's how a team of citizens went about clearing the storm water drain in their layout - a seemingly impossible work that only municipal administration is supposed to do.
Sep 01 2016
Blog: Peacocks, Palaces and Pavements
Initially, this piece had nothing to do with Donald Trump. It had nothing to with American politics whatsoever. I set out to write about my experience visiting an office and a local university in Bengaluru. I thought, maybe I will discuss outsourcing...
Aug 08 2016
Blog: Peacocks, Palaces and Pavements
I’ve been thinking a lot about garbage. Every day I find myself pondering about Bengaluru’s garbage plight. If you don’t live here, here’s a quick summary: there is a lot of garbage on the streets, sometimes so much it looks like...

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