Aug 21 2014
Blog: Whitefield Rising
Graphite India, present in Whitefield, processes graphite daily in huge quantities which releases a large amount of fine graphite soot into the atmosphere. This is fine enough for it to not be very visible, yet is breathed by, not just the Graphite...
Aug 22 2013
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
You've cribbed, you've ranted, you've tolerated, you've praised (even if rarely) aspects of our city, Bengaluru. Here's an opportunity to let everyone hear what you think about the way our city is changing. PNLIT and Saaphalya Pramukha...
Sep 13 2012
News Desk
The exodus has resulted in a closer look at the power of people-to-people communications technologies like SMS, as well as social media such as Facebook. Be at this panel discussion at St Joseph's college on Friday Sep 14th to see the face-off between media power and SMS power.

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