Mar 07 2017
Column: Radio Active Bangalore
Radio Active 90.4MHz
Malnad is the region in Karnataka that covers the western and eastern slopes of the Western Ghats. The food from this region appeals to a lot of people in Bengaluru.
Dec 17 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
There are some eateries in Bangalore which have become quite renowned. Veena Stores is one such eatery...and I'd never visited in all the years that I have lived in this city I call home. So today, after our birding outing in Institute of Wood...
Dec 15 2016
Blog: Animal Matters
Going vegan is easy in Bengaluru, with multiple options available. Pic: Sowmya Reddy/ Paradigm Shift Across Bengaluru, people are wilfully modifying their palates in a bid to push cruelty off their plate. Veganism or the practice of adopting...
Aug 09 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Recently, at my monthly quiz meet, I was intrigued by this "green" container for chai, from Chai Point.  The container seemed made of cardboard, an ecologically friendly material. But when I visited the website of Chai Point You can...
Jul 05 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
We often stop at one of the beautifully designed cane "stalls", which can be packed up and carried around, and equally quickly set up somewhere on the roadside.  Little puffed, fried balls of semolina, in a large bag; a large pot containing...
Feb 03 2016
Smitha Jacob
In the past, children would flock around his cart as he molded candy into whatever shape they wanted. Meet the Bombe Mithaiwala!
Oct 23 2015
Niveadha Nanjundeswaran
Gone are the days when eating out meant going to a restaurant. With new fast food shacks coming up almost every week, here’s a look some of the must-try joints in the city.
Aug 24 2015
Blog: Peacocks, Palaces and Pavements
Recently I went on a food walk with Bengaluru’s Unhurried walk and tour company. The three-hour walk led me through the charming streets of Basavanagudi and into some fabulous eateries. At the handful of small restaurants, shops and bakeries...
Jul 20 2015
A citizen sets out in search of the perfect chicken biryani at Bengaluru's iftar stalls, in a bid to relive a memory from her past.
Oct 17 2014
Sowrabha Karinje
Come weekend, you want to go out and try a new restaurant or new food. Instead why not try these simple recipes at home?
Apr 18 2014
Sweta Uchil-Purohit
Too much salt can result in many problems, while too little can also do the same thing. Strike a balance with your salt intake!
Dec 24 2013
Blog: Connected Lives
It's been two months now since my husband and I started using jaggery ( bella in Kannada) in our tea and coffee. This traditional sweetener, known by different terms in different languages, from gud in many parts of North India to chakkara or...
Dec 19 2013
Column: Eat right
Sweta Uchil-Purohit
All you sweet fans, here's what you might want to follow in life! Even without direct sugar intake, your food has sufficient sugar to get you going.
Oct 25 2013
Column: Eat right
Sweta Uchil-Purohit
Flooded with sweet boxes on Diwali? Worried on how to deal with those extra sweet boxes? Here are some tips.
Aug 26 2013
Column: Eat right
Sweta Uchil-Purohit
What do you do when onion price skyrockets? Simple. Try out dishes that don't need onion! Sweta Uchil Purohit has some tips.
Aug 09 2013
Column: Eat right
Sweta Uchil-Purohit
Children are fascinated by colours, designs, stories and variety. They also like to be independent. Exploit these qualities, to make them eat more veggies!
Jun 11 2013
Column: Eat right
Sweta Uchil-Purohit
If the weight of the child falls below 50th percentile and the height is not increasing, then it’s time to think that the child is under-nourished. Cut the junk and serve good food to the kids.
May 24 2013
Column: Eat right
Sweta Uchil-Purohit
With hot days and rainy nights, check what’s on your plate. And there is a place for leftover rice too!
Jan 17 2013
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Some of the BULBs (Bangalore Urban Lady Birders) decided to meet up for lunch at Halli Mane on Sankranti Day: The decorations were beautiful... made of palm fibre: made of palm fronds:   This is the menu, as displayed on the...
Oct 04 2012
Blog: Check outs
For some, it's a nostalgia of their cities and for some others, it's just something new to try. Prerna Soni, a professional who shifted to Bangalore recently, says, "I discovered these dosa stalls providing a wide range of dosas. I like them...
Sep 24 2012
Blog: Check outs
Hot food is definitely tempting, what if it is smoking hot? A bed of minced meat cutlet with boiled vegetables with some great sauce and maybe mashed potatoes on the side, sizzling away at your table? That would be a Sizzler...
Sep 04 2012
Blog: Check outs
If you are craving for a good scrumptious meal yet with less spices, Bengali cuisine is the right thing to try. The food, originating from West Bengal, predominantly has fish, vegetables and lentils, and is mostly served with rice, Luchi or pooris...
Aug 28 2012
Blog: Check outs
Onam is the harvest festival of Kerala. And when it comes to harvest, how can we miss out on the delicious goodies made out of these first crops? Rice, pulses, vegetables and sweet. It’s a combination of a lot of delicious delicacies put...
Aug 27 2012
Blog: Check outs
Imli or Tamarind - an important ingredient of gravies that brings a completely different flavour to the dish. Hence the name, Tamarind. The restaurant has branches in Indiranagar and Banaswadi. This restaurant is a part of the same group...
Aug 27 2012
Blog: Check outs
Havelock, in JP Nagar 5th Phase, though multicuisine, largely serves Mangalorean and North Indian food. This month-old restaurant has all the usual fare. The menu is extensive especially for non-vegetarians. The recommended dish for non-vegetarian...
Aug 13 2012
Blog: Check outs
Looking for a fresh Mediterranean snacks that’s vegetarian? Alright folks, Tahini Garden at Jayanagar offers you the combination. The name is inspired from tahini, a sauce prepared from sesame seeds. The food draws its inspiration...

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