Sep 29 2016
Blog: Whitefield Rising
With consumerism at its peak and humans wasting more than utilising, it’s time to relook, to reflect, to repair. Repair Café is based on the very idea of sustainable living, to promote the judicious use of natural and personal resources...
Dec 16 2015
Ganga Madappa
A bunch of runners from Bengaluru will be running 13 half marathons in 13 different cities across India. Read how Mera Terah Run is raising funds for three NGOs.
Feb 18 2015
Column: Intense-City
Vivek M
Bengaluru's Big Banyan Tree, or Dodda Alada Mara. Pic: Vivek M After the construction of the new airport, Bangalore is fiercely expanding towards the north consuming more and more rural areas like these. This big banyan, located in Avalahalli...
Dec 17 2014
Column: Intense-City
Vivek M
Soumya Geetha, a consultant by profession, is extremely passionate about photographing culture and the streets, besides being a rabid traveller. She captured the above bull at the heart of the city - in the Pete. She writes: "During my street...
Jul 07 2014
News Desk
Lot of sports, games, skits and fun... car-free, pollution-free Cycle Day event at Yelahanka was a big hit.
Jan 23 2014
Blog: Pawrenting Point of View
It’s been a while since my last post. I have been travelling with a friend. My friend owns a grooming salon for dogs and she was participating in a contest. I went with her for moral support. What’s life without friends, right? The same...
Jan 03 2014
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Reading of Children's Fantasy Novel   Venue:  Atta Galata Time:  4.30 pm   The Book:  Building on influences from Asia, Africa and the ancient language of Sanskrit, Janaki Murali takes on readers...
Dec 31 2013
Blog: Pawrenting Point of View
In my last blog, I wrote about how dogs are survivors. Ever so often I am reminded of this by remarkable stories around me. One such story is of Raja and Vasudev. Vasudev meets Raja...for the first time When we all first saw a picture...
Nov 27 2013
Blog: Pawrenting Point of View
As part of my “bite series”, I want to focus on the beginning – where it all starts. So, are dogs born biters or do they become biters? Do they learn to bite as they grow or are they born biters who learn not to bite? This question...
Nov 18 2013
Blog: Pawrenting Point of View
My post for this month is late. As expected, it was bound to happen sooner or later. I have been hit by writers block. But that’s not the only thing that was bound to happen sooner or later. I also got bit by a dog! A little introspection revealed...
Nov 18 2013
Arvind Batra
Are you interested in meaningful conversations on human rights, good governance, environmentalism, equality for all, gender issues and others, with like-minded people? This club could be an option for you.
Nov 11 2013
Blog: Music Matters
“Do you want to catch this ' Purusha Sukta' at Ranga Shankara? After a long hiatus, the spouse was finally trying to get our social life in gear. “What is it? A play? A concert?” While I always briefly scanned the daily listing...
Oct 31 2013
Blog: Pawrenting Point of View
I am off for Diwali. Every year, we chose to spend Diwali in the lap of nature and pass up on the revelry in the city. This suits us and our dogs best. But for those of you who are going to be in the thick of all the celebrations, it is time to remember...
Oct 29 2013
Blog: Pawrenting Point of View
In my last post I spoke of what stress is. In this post I want to describe how a dog could react under stress. We have often heard of the “flight or fight” response to fear or stress. In dogs there are actually, at least 4 responses to...
Oct 23 2013
Blog: Pawrenting Point of View
Diwali is almost upon us and as most of us are aware, dogs’ stress levels shoot through the roof during this period. So this month I am going to dig deep into all my education that had to do with stress in dogs and put forth every bit of information...
Oct 10 2013
Shree D N
Dasara doll arrangement is fun and welcome change from the routine. Get creative and deck up the dolls with accessories. Just arrange them. Use them to tell stories too!
Oct 07 2013
Blog: Pawrenting Point of View
In my previous post I wrote about sleep. So I think it makes sense that this blog is about the things a dog does during her waking hours. Like last week, I am reaching out to some good ol’ wisdom “All work and no play makes Jack a dull...
Sep 07 2013
Blog: Pawrenting Point of View
The flavor of last month was “ Desi. ” This month it will be “ Norsk ” (Norwegian). I am in Norway for a month, meeting with and learning from a leading expert in all things “dog” – Turid Rugaas . I have...
Aug 19 2013
Blog: Pawrenting Point of View
Hope all of you had a lovely Independence day weekend. Mine was full of dogs, just the way I would like it to be. I started out with a few families that had trouble communicating with their dogs. We worked on breaking down the 'language barriers...
Feb 20 2013
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
At Puttenahalli Lake, we know the value of rainwater and its harvesting. After all, the only water that the lake receives is from rain.   Now here's a good opportunity for artists to help in promoting RWH and win some good prize money too...
Jan 25 2013
Blog: Deepa's jottings
I found these two Harley Davidson's at Cuppa cafe the other day.... I've seen the Harley-Davidson communities in the US, looks as if we have an active community here, in Bangalore, too! ⊕
Oct 09 2012
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
The Nature Journalling Workshop on 7th October morning at Puttenahalli Lake, JP Nagar, was filled to capacity (limited to 15 participants) and was well enjoyed. The workshop was conducted by award winning illustrator Sangeetha Kadur and Shilpashree...
Sep 11 2012
Blog: Deepa's jottings
M V Shreeram invites you to visit his first solo photography exhibit - A Window to Wilderness - from Sept 11-15 (Tuesday to Saturday). He will be exhibiting some of my best work in nature photography, and would be honored by your presence. Venue...
May 01 2012
Sridharan K
If you are thinking of getting into running or jogging or if you happen to be a runner, chances are the question of barefoot running has already come up.
Apr 05 2012
Dharmendra D
She is just 30, and still holds the Indian national record for the 200m freestyle swimming, 8 years after retiring. Nisha Millet swims through this deep diving Citizen Matters interview.
Apr 03 2012
Blog: Deepa's jottings
I was delighted with the last workshop I attended, so I would strongly recommend this!     *Introduction to Origami - Beginner workshop on Origami* Date: Saturday, 7th April, 2012 Time: 4pm-5:30pm (90 minutes) Place: Jaaga, Double Road...

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