Apr 04 2014
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Here is a short video Abhisheka Gopal and a few of her friends made, about the Malleswaram Central Library:     Do send feedback to
Dec 04 2013
Blog: Street Stories
Let me confess something first. I might have written books for kids, but till now hadn’t interacted with them much. Not the ones who are in the 9-13 years of age. Actually, not many at all. For writing, I had used the kid inside me. So when...
Jun 14 2013
Children's libraries
Maya Hemant
In India, only a few lakh children can access a library. Pratham Books, a Bangalore based publisher of children's books has a unique plan to address this issue.
May 24 2011
Navya P K
Having mostly popped up over the last decade, Bangalore new age libraries are tuned in at Internet speed to city's vast reading bunch and their ever-expanding preferences. A Citizen Matters special.
Jun 24 2010
Meera K
Meet R Sunder Rajan, who after having worked in IT industry for 15 years, has started a chain of libraries called Just Books in Namma Bengaluru.
Feb 13 2009
Reshmi Chakraborty
Libraries for children are coming up across Bangalore. Most offer not just books, CDs and toys but also a host of activities and experiences.
Nov 15 2008
Janaki Badrinath
This Children’s Day saw the launch of a unique library to promote healthy and effective reading habits among the children of south Bangalore.

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