Apr 04 2017
Blog: Everyday City
In December 2016, a workshop on ‘Trees, Culture & Urban design’ was held in Bangalore as part of CEPT University’s Summer Winter School program. The focus of this 10-day winter school was to study the practice of tree worship...
Mar 09 2017
Abraham Koshy
From a tree-lined city to a city that's struggling to save existing green cover, Bengaluru has seen it all. The citizen-funded tree festival is an attempt to make the next generation see the value of trees in the city.
Feb 23 2017
Column: Radio Active Bangalore
Radio Active 90.4MHz
NERALU, meaning shade in Kannada is used to describe the Annual Tree festival in Bengaluru.
Feb 07 2017
Harini Nagendra
This is a report on environmental and ecological impacts of tree felling for proposed steel flyover on Bellary Road and road widening of Jayamahal Main Road, Bengaluru.
Jan 24 2017
Poornima Kannan
The tree festival will have much to offer for children and schools. Schools can participate in the festival by registering with Neralu.
Dec 29 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
We often nail signs to our trees, loop cables over them, and of course, think nothing of choping them off for the flimisiest of reasons, for example if one obstructs a hoarding. But even when the trees are allowed to live, all may not be well...
Jun 06 2016
Blog: I Change Indira Nagar
Trees as we all know are of great importance for the whole human fraternity as well as managing the natural balance in the environment. However, we human beings are regularly cutting down the trees for fulfilling our personal needs without seeing...
May 18 2016
News Desk
A list of trees, botanical names and their uses, to help people decide what to plant where
May 17 2016
Shree D N
This summer's heat made us all nostalgic about the cooler weather of the past. Though the urban area has expanded in Bengaluru, there is no reason why the tree cover should not! Time to plant trees!
Apr 26 2016
Blog: I Change Indira Nagar
Spurred by the recent tree cutting incident in the vicinity of the neighbourhood, a tree walk was organised on the morning of April 23rd by the BM Residents Welfare Association in Indira Nagar 1st Stage, to introduce the residents to the trees around...
Apr 20 2016
Blog: I Change Indira Nagar
If you love nature, like walking among trees and flowers, and want to know more about our green heritage, this is the walk for you. If you know absolutely nothing about trees or nature, you will find this walk fun and eye-opening. It is hot and...
Apr 06 2016
Blog: I Change Indira Nagar
On 31st March 2016, a 40-year-old African Tuilip tree in Indiranagar 1st stage, home to hundreds of parakteets and scores of nests nurturing young ones, was brutally felled by the BBMP. The reason: it was dried up and a possible threat to passers...
Mar 09 2016
Blog: Everyday City
    How do you begin to like Bangalore when you have moved here from elsewhere? I remember when we first came here 8 years ago, I yearned for anything that would remind me of Bombay, where I grew up - or of Chennai which was where we had...
Mar 02 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Sudarshan Nityananda gives the following contact numbers:   South  Bangalore comes under Mr Ranganathswamy,DCF-BBMP.His number is  9480683842 .   His senior is Mr N D Sudarshan who sits in the BBMp premises.His...
Feb 01 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Having read this article in the Hindu, dated September 28th 2008 and also enjoyed this article by my friend Adarsh Raju about the trees and the temple , written on July 15th 2015, I'd wanted to visit this heritage site for some time. On January...
Dec 22 2015
Blog: Deepa's jottings
We recently protested against, and stopped, an illegal meeting by the Bangalore Metro authorities , to ratify cutting trees in Reach 2. However, we can't protest all the time, and I recently found several large trees cut down on Bannerghatta Road...
Dec 08 2015
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
Our Puttenahalli lake is a little world in itself, of the best kind because it includes birds, butterflies, trees, flowers and more. Showcasing these is our calendar for the new year, "Life at Puttenahalli Lake."  Take a sneak peek at the gorgeous...
Nov 26 2015
News Desk
BMRCL came under fire from the public and BBMP at a recent public hearing on tree felling for the extension of the metro lines, as it could not provide proper responses to the objections raised.
Nov 20 2015
Blog: Like a Lake
Inviting nature lovers to plant 300 saplings at Kasavanahalli Lake.  This is the fourteenth lake where SayTrees will be doing tree plantation. Join this vibrant tree-planting group in its effort to increase the green cover of Bangalore and...
Nov 18 2015
Ashok Kumar S
When you see someone doing something out of the ordinary, do you wonder what they are up to? Perhaps you should ask them... What they have to say could inspire you.
Oct 26 2015
Blog: Deepa's jottings
One of the trees that flowers profusely right now is "akasha mallige" or the Indian Cork Tree. I collect a few flowers each morning while on my morning walk, and put them in a small bowl or glass of water... the sweet, heady scent fills the...
Oct 22 2015
Blog: Deepa's jottings
There seem to be no rules governing how we use our valuable resources... our avenue trees. When the city is becoming increasingly wireless, why don't we follow suit with our trees, too, instead of subjecting them to this?  Wires wound...
Jun 09 2015
Blog: Like a Lake
Plant a tree on Friday, help clean up on Saturday and cycle on Sunday - all by the side of Bangalore lakes! The SayTrees Environmental Trust ,in association with TESCO, is planting 350 saplings at Sheelavanthakere Lake, Whitefield on Friday...
May 30 2015
Ganga Madappa
Volunteering pays off; not only do you help further a social cause, you also gain immense personal satisfaction. Get inspired by these two Bangalore-based NGOs who have been nominated for the iVolunteer Awards - CMCA and Say Trees.
May 19 2015
Why are lakes dying in Bengaluru? What can you do about it? How does one try saving the trees?
Apr 05 2015
Blog: Everyday City
The focus at Neralu  this year was on Trees & Public spaces - including ashwath kattes, neighbourhood parks and streets. Alongside that, MapUnity  developed an online platform where people could upload ...

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