In May last year, TS Rajeevalochanam, 80 and his wife Susheela,70, who are residents of Jayanagar 8th block were returning home from their evening walk. They had gone to the HOPCOMS shop at Kanakapura road junction. Suddenly a speeding car, trying to catch the green signal, hit another vehicle and the old couple. Susheela lost consciousness and lay on the road profusely bleeding from her nose, head and mouth while Rajeevalochanam's ankle was hurt. The woman car driver whose car hit the couple accompanied them to the hospital. They were taken to the nearby JBS hospital by a few people at the spot. 

In the hospital, the doctor after giving first aid, recommended the couple shift to another hospital for specialised treatment. One of the two men accompanying the lady called for an ambulance. Then they sorted the car insurance issues and walked away. For months the injured couple was bedridden. Susheela has suffered several scratches on her face and hairline knee-fracture while Rajeevalochanam nursed pains in different parts of his body as well as a fractured ankle. The driver never contacted them after that and her phone remains unreachable.

In city like Bangalore, this is nothing new. But why does it happen? Why do people who cause these accidents never look back? Why we sometimes walk away when we come across an accident? Is it because of callousness or people do not know what to do when an accident occurs?

What do you do when you come across an accident?

  • Take the patient to the hospital or call 108.
  • Inform the police and tell about what you saw on the spot of the accident. But the police will take your account of the accident as a written statement only if you allow.
  • If you have gone to the police station you need to lodge an FIR (First Information Report) giving detailed account about what you have seen on spot.
  • If you are an eye witness and wish to provide written statement then you need to come to the police station and give a written and signed complaint. In the complaint one needs to provide personal contact number. Later you need to attend the hearing of the court.

What do you do when your vehicle has caused an accident?

1. Shift the patient to a nearby hospital for preliminary investigation else call 108 for an ambulance. Motor Vehicles Act, amendment 1994, makes it mandatory on both the driver/owner of the vehicle to take the accident victim to the nearest doctor, and the doctor to treat the victim without waiting for any formalities.

2. Call 100, which is the Bangalore City Police Traffic control room. Inform the control room of the time, venue and name of the hospital, where the victim is being taken.

3. After admitting to the hospital, go to nearby police station and inform the police of the accident, reporting the circumstance of the accident.

What are the first aids that you need to provide?

Many deaths and impact of injuries can be prevented with First Aid if causalities are treated immediately. Timely care prior to the arrival of the medical help can make a difference between life and death.

Casualty treatment should consider Asphyxia, Cardiac Arrest, Severe Haemorrhage (Bleeding), Other Injuries/Illnesses and Shock


Blocked airways cutting off oxygen supply can cause death, in less than four minutes. If proper first aid is given in the first hour (known as the golden hour) after the trauma, accident victims has a greater chance of survival and a reduction in the severity of their injuries.

First aid- road accident align=

Steps in giving first aid in road accidents. Credit: Chandigarh Traffic Police.

What does the police do when an accident occurs?

1. Police reaches the spot

2. Records statements of victim, offender and also eyewitnesses around

3. Draw the sketch at the spot of the accident