In one of the articles in his weekly column for the Times of India, brand consultant Santosh Desai examined the psychology behind the increase in rape cases. He attributed it to the increase in power of women leading to insecurity in males. Some women hold positions of extreme power. And a few large firms such as Facebook have women as their COO's, CEO's, CFO's, etc. The previous President of India was a woman. These are major factors contributing to the atrocities against women, according to Desai.

The government usually passes the blame to women for their dressing and mannerisms as the reason for rapes taking place. But if that is the case, then why are even decently dressed women (i.e., those with a proper sense of the type of clothes to wear at specific events or locations) and women in burkhas are subject to this terror? Why is it that even middle aged women and girls below eight years are being tortured? Can the government answer these questions?

A certain judge in the High Court of Karnataka stated that it was alright for a man to beat his wife. These are the kind of people who are meting out justice. No wonder the lives of so many women are going to the dogs. Streets are becoming hell for women to step out even in broad daylight. Well, I am sorry, but women are not culpable for the insecurities of these monstrous human beings. Do not teach me how to dress, teach boys/men how to behave!

My teacher used a whole class to read out an article written by a mother stating that the rape of a young Assamese girl was all her fault. The writer droned on without even stating facts to support her ridiculous statement. Apparently she had a daughter too. I pity her daughter. My teacher agreed with her whole heartedly and soon so did all my classmates though they will innocently deny this.

Really? Are women responsible for the steep rise in rape cases? How can that be even remotely true? That is my next point. Women like the writer are actually misogynistic chauvinists who refuse to look at reality and change their minds. Women are not to be blamed for these monstrosities and it is insane to believe that they are accountable for crimes against them.