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Urban families are always on the lookout for a great bargain. Power bills account for a considerable percentage of the monthly household budget, and one such gadget that can cut down the same is the gas geyser. The gas geyser has a simple mechanism to heat water for bathing purposes - the LPG gas outlet is connected to an enclosed burner which heats the inlet water, giving hot water in few seconds.chinese make gas geyser

Gas Geyser, Chinese make (Pic: Divya Sharma)

It takes just 3-5 minutes to fill a big bucket with hot water. However, this simple tool can turn a killer too, as a few incidents in recent times have proved.

1. About 30 high-school students and a few teachers were participating in a four-day nature camp at Mytri, a gated community near Kengeri, during October 2008. A lady teacher, who went to take a bath in the morning, felt giddy after the bath. She vomited and rested. The same was repeated with another teacher; she experienced breathlessness and almost fainted, but came out and nearly collapsed. Everybody suspected the previous night's food and assumed it was the culprit. At the same camp, a girl went to bathe and didn't come out even after 45 minutes. Alarmed, some men were called in to break open the sealed ventilator and the door. They found the girl lying unconscious. Her pulse had stopped, too. A doctor at hand gave her artificial respiration until she was admitted into the ICU of a hospital on Mysore Road. The girl recovered after she was put on a ventilator.

2. About two years ago, a healthy person, aged about 65, was found dead in the bathroom where he went to take bath.

Similar episodes have been reported since the past 4-5 years, where people have experienced breathlessness and fainted in the bathroom.

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