Here below is the simple, safe and sure declaration of paying property tax.

1. Purchase an application at the area Revenue office, priced at Rs.5/- one each for different properties (In case of more properties - one for each corporation number)

2. Purchase one Hand Book priced at Rs.20/-

3. Demand an Appendix to hand book (Zone Classifications) of your area.

4. Go through the same calmly and understand the columns.

5. Measure your property in British system (Feet / Inches) - Note down the dimensions.

6. Differentiate the area as per year of construction, if constructed at different periods.

7. Differentiate the area as per the usage - Residential / Non-residential etc. as well as Owner Occupied / Tenanted.

8. Keep your old receipt handy.

9. Keep the copy of the SAS filed in the year 2000 or later. (Do not bother if not available) - You will not be able to claim cap facility without this.

Steps 5 to 7 may be got done by an architect / draftsman if necessary. (The Plan / Sketch will be useful for all future references)

10. Start filling the form as below:

  • Year of Assessment : 2008-09
  • PID No.: Refer to your old receipt and copy the same. The no. will be in three parts e.g. XX-XX-XXX.
  • Personal details of name, occupation, age, et cetera to be filled.
  • Address of the property as per the previous receipt.
  • Postal address for correspondence, if different.
  • Zonal Classifications - Refer to the Appendix bought and fill column 5.
  • Tick the appropriate boxes in column 6a.
  • Write the total area of Site and Built up areas as per your calculations OR given by architect / draftsman.
  • Fill the number corresponding to the type of building as per construction & usage of classification - Residential & Non-residential (Category I to V for Residential and VI to XVIII for Non-residential)
  • Fill in column 8 as per the assessment submitted in the year 2000 OR later (Leave it blank if not available) and the tax paid for the year 2007-08 in split form and the receipt no. in the appropriate column.
  • Calculate the values and fill in column 10 & 11 as applicable. (Calculate depreciation for the completed years as on April 2008 for different portions constructed at different periods as per table given on page no.18 of the booklet)
  • Complete the computation table by calculating 5% rebate if paid in full before 31st March 2009.
  • Prepare / arrange payment and fill in particulars of payment on page 6 of application, affix signature and date.
  • Get the complete application photo-copied and preserve the copy in your file for future reference.
  • Fill both the acknowledgements on pages 7 & 8 of the application before submitting and collect the acknowledgement of page 8 (Containing the application no.) duly signed by the officer receiving the application along with payment.
  • Keep the acknowledgement safe till you receive the PROPER RECEIPT for your payment, then file the same for your record along with the copy of the application.

10% of the applications will be scrutinized and who knows, yours may be one among them! Hence, keep all the documents handy including your calculation sheet for future reference and file your objections if need be at the time of inspection.

In case of inspection by the officers, please sign the check list in form VIII after getting full clarification to the observations made by the officer and in case of non-satisfactory clarification, sign the form with an endorsement to the same effect. It may be signed EITHER by the owner himself OR by the person occupying the premises.