'Anti Terror Awareness to Students, Bangalore' witnessed a huge rally by the ruling government for the above subject and the life of the common man was put to inconvenience to a certain extent.

Is it the correct way of spreading the subject matter? At whose cost is this being done? Are we paying the taxes for the government to spend lavishly on such unwanted issues? Will this put a barricade to the terrorists? Will this create a fear amongst the terrorists? Will the terrorists omit Bangalore OR Karnataka from their attack lists?

Don't you all agree, that the correct way to create awareness is to form teams of experts and visit every institution, discuss the issue and create awareness in a proper way that is understandable by each and every youth? What will be the cost involved for this and the amount spent on the rally?

The new government is indeed fighting against corruption and in the process, it is CREATING AN OCEAN OF WEALTH out of the public taxes for its own. One will recollect the expenses submitted against an RTI raised about the meeting called for to discuss the property tax at Ravindra Kalakshetra, where lakhs were spent on lunch and other eatables, when NOT EVEN DRINKING WATER WAS OFFERED to any person attending the meeting.

Corruption was being paid only by the person who was in need of a favour OR to indulge in immoral activity, but now the genuine tax payers funds are being converted into corruption of a different form. Atleast with this, will the government mend its ways?