It was the summer of 2014 when my family had planned a 3-day trip out of Bengaluru. Everyone was almost done with packing when we realised that we needed to find somebody to water the plants. Unfortunately, we could not find anybody who was free to pitch in. It was then that a bulb lit up over my father’s head and it was decided that we would set up a simple drip irrigation system that would water our plants. In less than four hours, the required materials were bought and we took off for our holiday, confident that our plants would be well-tended to. Today, almost a year later, the system continues to provide much-needed water for our plants, and with very little maintenance too.

Here's how you can set up one for your home garden.


Materials required

1) Aquarium airline tubing


2)  'T' connector/joint                                                        3) Valve connector/joint


4) A big syringe without the needle

Steps to set up the watering system


Please note:

  • The system uses gravity as a water pump and it is therefore imperative that your water source is placed at a higher level than your plants. 
  • Once the water is continuously flowing, you can adjust the valves till only drops of water exit them at a slow pace.
  • Do place a lid on the bucket/tub to prevent loss of water through evaporation.

Benefits of a drip irrigation system

  • Good for the plant: Prevents nutrient run-off and maintains the health of the soil. The long and continuous watering provides the ideal conditions for the growth of the plant.
  • Saves water: Actual reduction of 30%, from 15 litres per day to 9 to 10 litres per day in summer.
  • Convenient: There is no need to water your plants directly everyday. All you have to do is refill the bucket of water, when it is almost empty. 

Have you tried installing a similar system at your home? Do share your knowledge of the process. If you are planning to set up a similar system at your home, do share your feedback once it's up and running.