City Shutterbug
Aug 29 2012
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as seen at Sunday Soul Santhe. Pic by Manvi Gandotra   ⊕
Aug 12 2012
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  ... even though we don't miss the summer heat. Picture shot at the Ranga Shankara mango party. Pic by Manvi Gandotra ⊕
Apr 30 2012
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     Overflowing bookshelves are a delight to the sight of a book lover. Something about the badly kept shelves suggests there you will stumble onto something you did not expect. Picture at Blossoms Book House, Church...
Feb 17 2012
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  A stack of books rises to the roof at Blossoms Book House in Bangalore. A whole range of used and new books make this a wonderful place to get lost in.  Pic by Ravi Kaushik. ⊕
Dec 29 2011
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  Amateur photographers can be seen cicking around Bangalore's parks and markets on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Pic by Ravi Kaushik. Ravi photblogs at ⊕
Dec 18 2011
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  A Small group of Vintage Scooter enthusiasts and a larger group of photographers converged on Cubbon Park, Bangalore. The retro colors on these bikes rock!  Pic by Ravi Kaushik ⊕
Dec 10 2011
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  A walk in City Market on a Sunday evening is very challenging. It involves dodging shoppers, beggars, garbage dumped on the road and the occasional hungry aggressive cow.  Pic by Ravi Kaushik ⊕
Dec 04 2011
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  Apples and Oranges for sale at City market. Pic by Ravi Kaushik. ⊕
Nov 25 2011
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Flowers for Sale at Basavanagudi. A colourful range of flowers awaits any customer who would have to venture out in the morning while the flowers are still fresh. Pic by Ravi Kaushik. ⊕
Oct 21 2011
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   Diwali is coming and lamps are being churned out in large numbers and available on street   corners for sale. Pic by Ravi Kaushik. ⊕
Sep 25 2011
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  Some shops in Bangalore markets seem to specialise in a particular type of vegetable or fruit. Some chose Mangoes in the summers, others Sugarcane during festivals. This particular shop seemed to have chosen Coconuts. Pic by Ravi Kaushik...
Sep 20 2011
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 A vegetable seller spreads out his juicy red tomatoes for sale at Malleshwaram. The Market is a wonderful microcosm of salesman, customers and suppliers from all over India. A melting pot. Pic by Ravi Kaushik. ⊕
Sep 11 2011
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  A common sight on the streets of Bangalore. The humble corn is roasted or boiled as a whole or often presented in small servings with various flavours under the overused brand name "American Corn". Pic by Ravi Kaushik...
Sep 02 2011
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A clay idol of Ganesha on sale at Malleshwaram.  Pic By Ravi Kaushik. ⊕
Aug 25 2011
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  Lamps left out to dry at Pottery Town. Pottery town is the source of all the terracotta pots, lamps, statues etc you see on sale on Bangalores roads. Pic by Ravi Kaushik ⊕
Jul 18 2011
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  It's amazing that at our railway stations we announce arrivals and departures in Kannada, English and Hindi.  This picture shot at Cantonment Station. Pic by Ravi Kaushik ⊕
Jun 15 2011
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A sister and brother at pottery town. The sister saw my camera, flashed an absolutely charming smile, caught her brother and forced him to pose. Pic by Ravi Kaushik ⊕
May 28 2011
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A potter at work at pottery town. This potter makes about 3000 such lamps a day!  Pic by Ravi Kaushik   ⊕
May 22 2011
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  The Dhobhi Ghat at Frazer town is about 38 years old. Dhobhis work 7 days a week and service various areas around Ulsoor. ⊕  Pic by Ravi Kaushik.
Apr 06 2011
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      A man buys plantain leaves on the occasion of Ugadi - the Kannada New Year. I can only imagine the sumptuous meal he would have had on the plantain leaf.   Pic by Ravi Kaushik.
Mar 14 2011
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    A worker at Bamboo Bazaar prepares his sale for the day on a busy morning.   Pic by Ravi Kaushik ⊕
Feb 06 2011
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   I caught this picture of a 'Bird of Paradise' Flower at the horticulture training institute maintained by the Association of People with Disability. Pic By Ravi Kaushik
Jan 01 2011
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  Stress buster balls smile out at customers at a store. ⊕
Dec 18 2010
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  A Delicate white flower creeps over a harsh looking trunk of a tree at Lal Bagh Botanical Garden.  Pic by Ravi Kaushik ⊕
Dec 05 2010
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     Water. We don't appreciate it enough.   Pic by Ravi Kaushik