Malini Srikrishna
Jun 05 2012
Blog: High school hazards
Watching TV is a passive activity. For a teenager however, the TV time is most sacred. You cannot take it away from her. But is it really worth it.
Jan 06 2012
Blog: High school hazards
"Fat" is the F - word in a girl's dictionary. I cannot bear that word as it makes me feel so self conscious. When I see my friends called fat I can see their self esteem becoming lower. The kids in my school who are overweight on the...
Dec 20 2011
Blog: High school hazards
There is a constant battle in my house about whether I should be allowed to be on Facebook or not. "Everyone in my school is on Facebook except me! I miss out on so much that happens!" I tell my father who smirks in turn and retorts...
Oct 13 2011
Blog: High school hazards
Everyday when we read the newspaper we see the names of overachievers in our society. Even when you read a regular teen novel you hear how amazing high school is. Well guess what? It is called 'fiction' for a reason. Simply because it is unreal...
Sep 06 2011
Blog: High school hazards
Parents always compare their children's accomplishments with other children. I know my mom does! It is funny how she seems to always say, "look how your friend studies! She gets A+ in everything and you are sitting in front of...