Ritvik Mandyam
May 12 2017
Blog: In Lighter Whine
Last February, Marvel destroyed all their carefully set precedents by making a movie that the fans actually wanted to see: Deadpool. Deadpool was one of those movies that you had to be 18 to watch but 16 to fully appreciate. It features, to quote...
Apr 07 2017
Blog: In Lighter Whine
I've been writing code for a while now. I first learned to program at age nine, and can now write an entire app on my own. The thing I've noticed, though, is that a lot of my friends seem to have a bit of a phobia of writing code.  The US...
Mar 05 2017
Blog: In Lighter Whine
Around five months ago, I started working out in an attempt to look less like a non-green version of Shrek from the movies. I stopped eating cheese, butter, sugar, chips, fries and everything else that makes life worth living, gastronomically speaking...
Jan 03 2017
Blog: In Lighter Whine
I've been thinking about our education system a lot (again) lately. Mainly, I've been trying to figure out what it is, exactly, that I dislike about it. After much introspection (read: "Ten minutes of trying to come up with something to write about...
Dec 27 2016
Blog: In Lighter Whine
On Friday evening, I went with my parents to watch Dangal, the new Aamir Khan movie. There have been a lot of videos floating around Facebook lately of Aamir Khan's "transformation" for the movie - how he gained weight and body fat and then lost all...
Dec 05 2016
Blog: In Lighter Whine
Here's an interesting story: in 1849, under the treaty of Lahore, a certain diamond was taken from India and moved to England. The diamond, originally known as the 'Samantik Mani', is still quite legendary. It is known to the world as the 'Kohinoor...
Oct 10 2016
Blog: In Lighter Whine
A few months ago, on my other blog, I wrote a post about Donald Trump, making less-than-gentle fun of the man. At the time, he didn't seem like much of a threat. I was fairly confident that Donald Trump had about as much chance of becoming president...
May 17 2016
Blog: In Lighter Whine
I'm sure all of us have read a fair number of posts about the negative effects of gaming (it promotes violence and a desire to drag people out of their cars and beat them up, apparently. We kids have brains too, you know! And if you say otherwise...
Apr 12 2016
Blog: In Lighter Whine
Hello, all. I apologize for my long absence (I vanish way too regularly, don't I?). I've been a bit busy with things like my board exams. However, I am now back, although my skills (as they are) are a little rusty, and I may have a little trouble...
Feb 24 2016
Blog: In Lighter Whine
I don't know how many of you have ever had to switch schools in tenth grade and/or have kids who switched schools in tenth grade. If you have, I think you'll agree with me when I say that it is, in the truest sense of the word, an ordeal. For the...
Jan 18 2016
Blog: In Lighter Whine
Hello all! After a two-week hiatus, I'm finally back at the old stand and churning out blogs again. I've had my pre-board exams for the past two weeks, so between studying for them and wishing I didn't have to, I've not had time for much else. However...
Dec 28 2015
Blog: In Lighter Whine
This week, I intend to have a stab at one of the most difficult tasks known to mankind: persuading an adult to part with a sum of money. Not a very large sum, but a sum nonetheless. This New Year's Day, I want to buy burgers, fries and a drink...
Dec 13 2015
Blog: In Lighter Whine
In quite a few of my previous blogs (I don’t remember if those blogs were here or at Funny Side Up ), I’ve referred to conversations with auto and cab drivers. Generally, these have been in the context of something entirely unrelated...
Nov 19 2015
Blog: In Lighter Whine
When you saw a teenager glued to a video game, did you think, "That kid is going to make seven million bucks!" That's what people like Felix Kjellberg ( PewDiePie ) and Sean McLoughlin ( Jacksepticeye ) are making today. They play video games all...
Oct 19 2015
Blog: In Lighter Whine
What will it take to accept people for who they are? Image Courtesy: www.facebook.com/TRRAIN Have you ever noticed how we Indians tend to accuse everyone else of being racist while conveniently ignoring our very own narrow-mindedness? As a...
Oct 06 2015
Blog: In Lighter Whine
Jesus is supposed to have said that "Man does not live by bread alone". Whether I eat only bread or other things along with it, though, a lot of the stuff I'm currently learning will be of no help whatsoever in acquiring it. That's what I feel every...