Sameer Shisodia
Jul 23 2011
Blog: Big Deal
The laptop bag's zipper fails under the weight of the not so light machine you carry everyday. Or the soft luggage has a small tear from the last airline trip. Or the floater's beginning to lose its sole - no pun intended - to the...
Jun 03 2011
Blog: Big Deal
After over a decade of hard work, hard water and loads of dishes done sometimes even twice a day, the Electrolux dishwasher recently died on us. The missus and I debated some, and in line with the lower foot print (both from...
Jun 02 2011
Blog: Big Deal
Those of us living along the periphery of the town are a blessed lot - a couple of kilometers from home brings us to a very pretty, quiet, unrushed and refreshing countryside.   Its all those things - pretty...
Apr 09 2011
Blog: Big Deal
The weather, friendly people and great coffee at any random darshini - these are the reasons I proffer to folks when they ask for the secret that Bangalore became, and continues to stay, home for us. To that list, add the fast...