Suchitra Deep
Oct 04 2016
Column: Southern Bengaluru Chronicles
Jul 29 2016
Suchitra Deep
So, this is the third in the Pavement series. Even if I say so myself, I think I am making progress. But there is pressure to change the format every time to keep my interest going, and that is kind of hard.  Anyway, this time I decided...
Jun 29 2016
Suchitra Deep
I kind of got hooked on this quiz thingy.  And while it is a bit strange to be asking and answering the questions myself, I love the fact that I know all the answers.  My next quiz follows the same pattern but I put in a variation so...
Jun 24 2016
Suchitra Deep
I have this thing for pavements. Actually, I have a thing for many things, but the current thing is pavements. Let me tell you, this was not something I took to in a rush. It took many months for me to get warmed up. You see, I walk back and forth...
Mar 17 2015
Blog: Malleshwaram Matters
As I walk to work, I pass by one of the intersections on 17th Cross every day. This is a one way road and therefore attracts a good amount of traffic. Luckily the road has still retained its old charm and has not deteriorated into the chaos that is...
Feb 05 2015
Blog: Malleshwaram Matters
I feel rather insulted when people say Indira Nagar or Koramangala is ‘…such a happening place!!!’ or some such silly thing. I mean, Malleshwaram is as happening a place as either of them. What could possibly make news in Indira...