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Jun 15 2016
Blog: Whitefield Rising
Garbage isn't exactly Rocket Science but given the filth around us, one would think it is! Given that the Government struggles with Execution and Enforcement of its well thought out policies and programs, we looked to see how exactly we can get a...
May 23 2016
Blog: Whitefield Rising
BBMP health inspectors conducted a major drive against use of plastic on Whitefield Main Road (Hagadur ward) on Saturday 21-May-2016. Plastic material was seized from several shops in Forum Value Mall. The drive was led by BBMP officials Vinodh...
May 17 2016
Blog: Whitefield Rising
What is an Occupancy Certificate? A  certificate  of  occupancy  is a document issued by a local government agency or building department certifying a building’s compliance with applicable building codes and other laws...
Aug 23 2015
Blog: Whitefield Rising
Munnukolalu school. Pic: Abhijeet Nath Abhijeet Nath, a resident of Whitefield area, explains his fight to find his booth and vote in BBMP elections. After three hours, he did vote—he's an inspiration to all of us! His mail: I went...