At the outskirts of Bangalore, many small-scale vendors try to beat the middlemen by selling direct-to-consumer....

First one sees one basket of custard apples...

One basket of custard apples

Then a few..

Three Custard Apple baskets

Then a few more...

Custard Apples baskets

And if one takes the larger view, one can see that it is definitely custard apple season now, all down the road!

Custard Apples season

I wonder..when the baskets are arrayed in serried ranks like there a cartel that dictates the minimum price? How can the sellers hope to get a reasonable margin on their fruit?

And an interesting point about those baskets is, they seem to be made from lantana twigs...surely a good use of a plant that is assuming pest-type proportions here, crowding out, as it does, all other vegetation where it grows.

Custard apples, anyone? Or Seeta phal, to give it the local name?

I was asked to name the road...the presence of the Forest Resort should id it as the Bangalore-Mysore highway.