Kaikondrahalli lake has been restored to its current condition after great efforts and regular clean up campaigns. Now it is undergoing the 2nd phase of renovation in which various works have been undertaken by the BBMP.

However, since the past few months, a nearby apartment complex construction activity has been harming the lake. Not only an eyesore to the serene surroundings, the builder (SJR) has been letting in untreated sewage into the lake.

This is mainly due to poor amenities provided to the construction workers - lack of proper toilets and no soak pits. All the sewage has been flowing into the lake.

Some parts of the construction of the apartment complex (SJR watermark) is very close to the lake, less than the mandatory 30 metres distance.

Mamatha, Environment Engineer, BBMP (Mahadevpura zone) has confirmed that SJR Group has been served numerous notices by BBMP and the Pollution Control Board. However the builder has not taken action yet.

We request the authorities to take necessary action at the earliest.