With cameras we shot

Things 'cool' and hot

And stories we got

Of what was but is not...

Oct-3 to Oct-9: Bazaar Street, Halasuru Market

Carts moving and stopping

Cycles ringing and pedalling

Stalls on wooden boxes

Shops under metal roofs


Pasha the tea maker

Mary the fruit vendor

Pandian the sundal seller

Abdul the fishmonger


Temples, churches, mosques

Standing for centuries

Hawkers and merchants

Trading for decades


Stationery, sweets, steel

Cosmetics, clothes, coffee

Fishmongers and tailors

Bankers and jewellers


A provision store

Ek chaat ki dukaan

A locksmith, ek paanwallah

Oru poosari, ek raddiwalah


With warm words

And sweet smiles

They touched us


The old beside the new

Poets and artists too

The young with the elderly

The healthy and the sickly


And many more

Sights, sounds and smells

Of today and before...