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Sep 29 2016
The documents/ replies that I have received from various offices of BBMP in the last five months, to my RTI query on illegal hoardings, are piled up before me. Yet, they have no data that I asked for. Pic: Akshatha It has been precisely five...
Jan 06 2016
Given the premise of this series—stories of city people you run into, neither friends nor strangers—a tale garnered from an Uber ride (usually going back home for the night, for no normal person will be too conversant on a weekday morning...
Nov 23 2015
At the end of their tireless journey, one through light and dark, these deflated pieces of rubber lie awaiting another journey to serve mankind. At a tyre scrap yard near Kalasipalya market Recycling of used tyres has huge potential in...
Jul 27 2015
The BBMP Election office has issued a public notice on model code of conduct to be followed by candidates and political parties during the BBMP Election-2015 scheduled for August 22nd. The model code of conduct has come into effect from July 17th...
Jan 13 2015
Pic: Vaishnavi Vittal First up, let me state that I treat myself like a princess when it comes to commuting. While buses are probably the first choice of transport for most folks in the city, I am yet to make my peace with it. And I have...
Jan 13 2015
For the past four months or so, we went through research papers, news stories, blogs and other personal accounts on garbage. We met people involved with waste management in the city. And slowly, garbage slipped from being an afterthought to something...
Dec 17 2014
Caterpillars are creepy? Each time I saw a worm or a caterpillar wriggling, I would let out a shriek that would stun people around me. They sniggered when they found the reason. Times change and I now adore caterpillars. I got into the company...
Mar 09 2014
My memories of Neralu , Bangalore's first crowd funded tree fiesta held in around Cubbon Park on 8th and February 9th 2014.   We walked and talked about trees, birds and bees There were songs and dances of green romances plays...
Feb 22 2014
Valuation is thought to be a science by many. Just because a number is put out and there are detailed calculations and forecasts and projections of scenarios, it is assumed that valuation is rational, objective, data driven and sensible. When was...
Feb 11 2014
I haven’t got around to writing a new post in a few weeks, and part of the reason was this inspiring set of posts from fellow gardener Srikant that left me thinking what more I could write. This is part 3 of his beginner’s series that...


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