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News Desk, Feb 25 2017
Join hands to stop commercialising of residential areas in Bengaluru
Pic: Praful Residents of Bengaluru might have noticed in the media, that recently the BBMP has commenced issuing notices to many commercial/non-residential establishments in residential areas to shut shop. Whilst this may come across to many...
S R Tejas, Feb 22 2017
Kaikondrahalli Lake captures everybody's heart, yet again!

Workshops, photography trails, storytelling sessions, organic food and a lot of fun - this is what Kakondrahalli lake festival witnessed.

1 News Desk, Jan 17 2017
Is Bengaluru ready to drink treated sewage?

With more and more apartments installing sewage treatment plants, recycled water is available for use. After RO treatment, this water becomes potable. But are people drinking it?

Arunava Bannerjee, Jan 09 2017
19 years after land acquisition notification, farmers await govt action

Their lands were notified for Bangalore-Mysore infra corridor project 19 years ago. Now their land has no market value, they can't dare to plant something that's of value, can't renovate or rebuild their houses, and can't be assured of a secured future. A story of how flawed land acquisition policies put lives in jeopardy.

1 Akshatha M, Jan 05 2017
Artificial floating inslands do their bit in cleaning Puttenahalli lake
Those of you who visited Puttenahalli Lake within the past few months may have noticed small platforms floating in the water. These are Artificial Floating Islands (AFIs) which we "launched" in June this year. The Vetiver and Canna planted in them...
1 Usha Rajagopalan, Nov 28 2016

What are henn maklu of Bengaluru upto? What are they busy with, on this womens' day season?

Tara Krishnaswamy, Mar 08 2017