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The latest updates on Solid Waste Management in Bangalore. Follow citizen initiatives to solve the garbage crisis. Get help on setting up waste management in your community!

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Take a look at floral Gol Gumbaz at Lalbagh flower show

Glimpses from Republic Day flower show organised at Lalbagh, Bengaluru.

3 Abraham Koshy, Jan 25 2017
Can my way be your right?

Pedestrians are the most-neglected species on the road. Their rights have been infringed by others' "ways".

Rosemary F N, Jan 23 2017
'Open Streets' event not in line with Indiranagar residents' agenda
An evening scene from Indiranagar. Bengaluru city has been mushrooming over the years with little regard for any form of Town Planning and Governance. The fallout of this rapid growth is witnessed most acutely in residential areas of the city...
Aruna Newton, Dec 22 2016
Bellandur apartment citizens set example in reduce-reuse culture

Sobha Quartz resident Anandhi Balaji recounts her experience in leading her community on the way to a more responsible and environment-friendly holistic lifestyle.

Anandhi Balaji, Dec 16 2016
Compassion on your plate: A guide to going vegan in Bengaluru
Going vegan is easy in Bengaluru, with multiple options available. Pic: Sowmya Reddy/ Paradigm Shift Across Bengaluru, people are wilfully modifying their palates in a bid to push cruelty off their plate. Veganism or the practice of adopting...
Sowmya Reddy, Dec 15 2016
My Place of Pride: Recognising eco-friendly communities
Rotary Palmville in association with B.PAC launched ‘My Place of Pride’, an initiative to recognise eco-friendly communities on 26 th  of November 2016 at Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan...
Sushma Mahabala, Dec 09 2016

A new initiative in Bengaluru to help people dispose e-waste responsibly.

Manvel Alur, Feb 22 2017


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Segregation of garbage at source comes into effect in Bangalore! Here is a guide to 'Solid Waste Management’ in offices.

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