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The latest updates on Solid Waste Management in Bangalore. Follow citizen initiatives to solve the garbage crisis. Get help on setting up waste management in your community!

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Two years over. Whither Swachh Bellanduru?

A few active citizens have been in the forefront of the fight for clean locality in Bellandur. But what’s the effect on ground? What can make the area free of garbage and fire?

Anantha Parkala, May 13 2017
Living amidst filth, they clean Bengaluru

Lives in this Bengaluru slum are an example of everything that's wrong with the system: unchecked urbanisation, poor waste management and lack of formal contracts for waste pickers in our cities.

Arjun Srinivas, May 10 2017
Deadlock continues in HSR's composting plant

Karnataka Composting Development Corporation (KCDC) is back to its old status, and the deadlock continues. Akshatha M traces a month's journey of the plant, through her interactions with concerned key parties.

Akshatha M, Apr 24 2017
Why did BBMP, Karnataka UDD apologise to green court?

Karnataka government and BBMP say sorry to NGT for being presumptive about NGT's authority. But what about the conclusion - is the buffer zone rule applicable retrospectively? Should building sanctions - those given recently or are in progress, in the new buffer zone regulations be cancelled? The confusion has only increased.

2 Shree D N, Apr 20 2017
A reality check inside city's one and only composting plant

This composting plant in Bengaluru is supposed to be model that will show how large scale composting can be done in cities. But what is really going on? A reality check.

Akshatha M, Apr 18 2017
If composting plant doesn't work, close it down: HSR residents

Citizens speak out on the government-run composting plant in HSR Layout - what is happening, why people are worried about it.

Akshatha M, Apr 17 2017

No one wishes to immerse in the filth, but the job has to be done by someone. Despite the almost inhuman conditions and the lack of dignity, garbage collectors continue to do that job, due to financial compulsions.

1 Sanaya Katrak, May 18 2017


How to segregate waste in apartments?

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Segregation of garbage at source comes into effect in Bangalore! Here is a guide to 'Solid Waste Management’ in offices.

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Segregation at source became possible at Bellandur ward with the effort of a few committed individuals. When is this going to be replicated in your area?

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