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Jul 22 2015
Blog: Music Matters
The nice thing about having teens, is that you get to meet a lot of exciting young people - many of whom are musically gifted. I hope to bring you stories of these young musicians who are chasing their dreams and in many ways paving a new path for...
Jul 15 2015
Pavithra Ashok Kumar
Looking to develop a dramatic side? Here’s how you can start off your love for the dramatic arts in Bengaluru!
Jul 14 2015
Blog: Music Matters
When a movie song becomes a hit with the audience it's a recognition of the singer and the composer's talent. One of the most prolific music composers for south Indian movies M.S.Viswanathan passed away today.  He had composed more than 750...
Jul 11 2015
Blog: Peacocks, Palaces and Pavements
I was standing in awe of a temple carved out of stone, the colour of a sunset in a place in North Karnataka, when my travelling companion approached me. She’d been speaking with the man who gives tickets. “He said it’s Rs 10 each...
Jul 09 2015
Column: Nature Feature
Deepa Mohan
Many creatures that are depicted in Hindu mythology are inspired by nature. As Deepa Mohan talks about some of them, she reminds us of the importance of feeling the nature around us as we go about our daily lives.
Jul 05 2015
Blog: Music Matters
Folk music holds its unique place in India's rich cultural diversity. Folk songs talk about relationships, the challenges encountered by people every day and philosophical questions about life. Let's look at popular folk music genres from different...
Jun 23 2015
Blog: Like a Lake
A summary of some key "Bangalore lake" news Encroachments – eviction and regularisation Encroachments on government land, including lakes, shot into front page news with the demolition drive at Sarakki Lake in JP Nagar 7 th Phase...
Jun 23 2015
Blog: Music Matters
When a musician receives an award, it's a recognition for his or her contribution to the art form. Cultural organizations across the world institute awards to recognize outstanding talents in the field. I've listed a few below that are considered...
Jun 18 2015
Ganga Madappa and Perumal Venkatesan
In early June, the village of Mavalli, close to Lalbagh, was witness to Ooru Habba. Celebrated once in three years, the festival is a call to invoke the blessings of the resident deity, Mariamma. Here are some snapshots from this year’s edition of the festival.
Jun 09 2015
Blog: Music Matters
One of the definitions of an entertainer is someone who holds the attention of the audience by doing something amusing or diverting. Lets look at some popular musicians whose unique stage acts  entertained their audiences yet never detracted...
Jun 05 2015
Blog: Music Matters
One of the simplest ways to identify and appreciate a classical raga is by listening to multiple songs in the raga by different artistes. Raga Darbari Kanada is an offshoot of the Kanada family (Carnatic). It is believed to have been imported from...
Jun 03 2015
Gadadhar Prem Kumar
Should a memorial commemorating someone have to be built from cement and bricks? Gadadhar Prem Kumar believes otherwise, and shares his ideas for an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative.
May 16 2015
Blog: Music Matters
BB King, one of the legendary musicians of the Blues passed away yesterday. Why was he so popular? When his voice carressed and moaned on the microphone, you alternatively rejoiced and cried - the highs and the lows made you feel like you were swinging...
May 14 2015
Blog: Music Matters
One talks about Yashodha and her famous son Krishna in the same breadth. The stories that describe the relationship and interplay between this mother and son are well-known. There are several songs in different languages by famous composers centered...
May 08 2015
Blog: Music Matters
With Mother's Day coming up this week, I thought of several songs that featured the mother as a central theme.  In his composition Mathe Malayathwaja in the Carnatic raga Khamas, Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavathar describes the daughter...
Apr 21 2015
Meera Iyer
INTACH recognises heritage buildings in Bengaluru on the basis of maintenance, architectural integrity and value to the cityscape at the first edition of the Heritage Awards.
Apr 18 2015
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Bengali plays are not very common at Ranga Shankara, so I was quite keen to watch this Badal Sircar play, produced by Centre for Film and Drama (CFD), and directed by Nilanjan  P Choudhry.   For this play, a neat brochure had been...
Apr 17 2015
Blog: Deepa's jottings
I thought it was difficult to write a review of a play I liked very much; I did not want to sound as if the theatre group had sponsored my review! But alas, the difficulty of that task is nothing compared to that of writing a review for a play...
Apr 15 2015
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Occasionally, instead of a light-hearted evening of theatre, one gets a  powerful, thought-provoking play to watch. My friend Shangon and I braved the rain to go and watch Michael Freyn's play, "Copenhagen" which was being produced by Centre...
Apr 13 2015
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Theatre Professionals, a part of the  Drama School, Mumbai, staged "The Dragon", translated from the Soviet author and playwright, <a href="">  Evgeny Shvarts </a> This  ...
Mar 26 2015
Prutha Narke
Are you a musician in search of a stage? Send in your applications to be a part of an international celebration of music.
Mar 21 2015
Blog: Music Matters
As the month of March rolls on, thousands of children across the country write the 10th and 12th board examinations. Its a time fraught with tension for students and their families. Music is known to be a great stress-buster. Here's a list of musical...
Feb 25 2015
Blog: Like a Lake
The Department of Information and Public Relations, Government of Karnataka along with Yelahanka United Environment Association (YUVA) is organizing  'Janapada Suggi'   an initiative to promote the rural folk culture of Karnataka. The...
Feb 20 2015
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
  Sincere thanks to our neighbourhood clean-up crew at Puttenahalli Lake, 15th Feb 2015 (Pic: Vishnupriya)  A glimpse of Snehadhara Foundation's work in progress - getting ready for its role at Puttenahalli Kere Habba. ...
Feb 02 2015
Blog: Music Matters
  I am always wary of reading books on music as I find most of them pedantic. The breadth of classical music can be a daunting subject for any writer. However some books stand out for me for their accessibility. Here are four such...
Jan 30 2015
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Any form of theatre that has to do with puppets seems to exert a great fascination for children. More than adults, they seem to quickly suspend their disbelief, and join the puppets in the fantasy world that is created on stage. Sidhvi, 6 yrs, standing...

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