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Dec 16 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Last week, my group of nature-lovers and I visited both Lalbagh and Madivala kere. At both places, which are also public parks, entrance is clearly marked as free; up to 8.30am at Lalbagh, and 9.30am at Madivala lake. Visitors who enter before...
Dec 16 2016
Anandhi Balaji
Sobha Quartz resident Anandhi Balaji recounts her experience in leading the community on the way to a more responsible and environment-friendly holistic lifestyle.
Dec 15 2016
Blog: Animal Matters
Going vegan is easy in Bengaluru, with multiple options available. Pic: Sowmya Reddy/ Paradigm Shift Across Bengaluru, people are wilfully modifying their palates in a bid to push cruelty off their plate. Veganism or the practice of adopting...
Dec 12 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
On Sunday, the 10th December, 2016, the Lake Census effort across the lakes(kere) of Bangalore got under way with an orientation program for those who had registered to take part as volunteers in this month-long initiative. The event was held at...
Dec 12 2016
Column: Nature Feature
Deepa Mohan
If you happen to see Hummingbird Hawk Moth this winter, be assured that you have a lot of good luck on your plate!
Dec 12 2016
Column: Nature Feature
Deepa Mohan
These colourful 'flying needles' are a pleasure to watch - next time you go out to a nature outing, take care to notice them and enjoy!
Nov 30 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
For some time now,    eBird     has emerged as an application that is easy and convenient for birdwatchers (commonly referred to as birders) to record their bird-lists and allied observations. "We...
Nov 29 2016
Raghu Varma
While the ubiquitous ‘carry-bag’ is at the receiving end of most citizen-centric moves against plastic usage, Raghu Varma draws attention to the many other buying choices we need to reconsider.
Nov 28 2016
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
Those of you who visited Puttenahalli Lake within the past few months may have noticed small platforms floating in the water. These are Artificial Floating Islands (AFIs) which we "launched" in June this year. The Vetiver and Canna planted in them...
Nov 17 2016
Blog: Like a Lake
Jakkur Kere Utsav is being held on Sunday, 20th November 2016, to celebrate the beautiful Jakkur Lake. Satya Foundation had initiated a citizen group called Jalaposhan in 2014 and has jointly adopted the lake for conservation. In its endeavor...
Nov 10 2016
Blog: Groundwater Stories
A question we often get asked as rainwater harvesters is, is there any point in building a recharge structure adjacent to a lake ? Does the lake not recharge ground water ? Will the recharge structure/well make any difference ? This is a very pertinent...
Nov 08 2016
Ankit Bhargava
The ‘Breathe Bengaluru’ project, currently underway in BTM Layout, will track and disseminate emissions data from traffic, construction, waste burning and other location-specific sources.
Nov 04 2016
Akshatha M
Garbage continues to burn across Bengaluru, polluting the air, ground and water bodies. BBMP has not been able to help people who reached out with complaints. Result: the climate hazard, health hazard continues to dance in the city.
Nov 02 2016
Blog: Animal Matters
Recently, Bengaluru was in news for the wrong reasons. While a woman brutally flung eight puppies to death earlier this year, more recently a mass grave with over 30 street dogs was found in a dump yard with a single survivor. There have been repeated...
Oct 29 2016
Uday Vijayan
Lamps, snacks and crackers in the company of family. A perfect way of celebrating Deepavali! A festival where moderation invariably flies out of the window, especially in the presence of all that food, and the fun. During this festival that...
Oct 28 2016
Aditya V Potapragada
Tired of having to constantly breathe in toxic fumes from the garbage dump fires in his neighbourhood, a school student takes up his pen to write to the authorities.
Oct 27 2016
Pravir B
Pic: Shree D N Diwali or Deepavali, literally a row of lamps, is just round the corner. Spread over five days, it is the biggest festival for our family and our community. The biggest festivities are reserved for amavasya...
Oct 26 2016
Gaurav Behere
Residents of Basapura suffer from persistent cough and breathing issues as garbage dumped in the immediate vicinity of apartments and offices is burnt day in day out.
Oct 24 2016
Abhisheka Krishnagopal
Why cannot Deepavali be a peaceful affair? Is anything being done to create awareness among children on harmful effects of crackers? asks Abhisheka Krishnagopal.
Oct 20 2016
Blog: Animal Matters
Every city, even giant metropolises like Bengaluru, still have a few patches of green, blue or brown that have managed to survive or at least allay the formidable onslaught of concrete and glass. Look carefully in these oases and you’ll be sure...
Oct 15 2016
Blog: Deepa's jottings
Earlier this year, in February, a group of friends and I had conducted a bird survey in the campus of IIM-Bangalore. At that time, the Dean of Administration, Prof. G Shainesh, and his famkily, keenly followed us througout the morning of birding and...
Oct 12 2016
Column: Nature Feature
Deepa Mohan
Walks are a great way to explore the hidden treasures in the city, including birds. Deepa Mohan narrates the story of one such walk.
Oct 07 2016
Blog: Animal Matters
Cattles die from eating plastic. While plastic may seem almost indispensable in our daily lives, we tend to remain oblivious to the harm that we cause to animals and the environment by using this material in almost every aspect of our lives...
Oct 06 2016
News Desk
These 1000+ spots tell a thousand tales, if only someone has time to listen to each dump! Go explore the map, and see the stories for yourself.
Oct 05 2016
Blog: Forward Bellandur
October 2 nd  was Gandhi’s birth anniversary and a reminder of his vision of Clean India. Our Prime Minister Modi revived the dream two years back on this day by launching Swacch Bharat Mission. We at Bellandur ward were fortunate to...
Oct 04 2016
Blog: A treasure of waste
Indira, wastepicker from Bengaluru, made a passionate plea to world governments for recognizing contributions of wastepickers in ‘ New Urban Agenda ‘ during an event organized on the sidelines of United Nations (UN) Habitat III Prepcom...

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