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Sep 01 2016
Blog: Like a Lake
Sarjapura village/town, located in the south of Bangalore Urban District, has about 26 lakes in a radius of 7 km. Said to cover about 505 hectares, the largest lake is 271 acres big. If one looks at google maps though, one would find it difficult...
Sep 01 2016
Kate Clark
New initiatives connect farmers and consumers - supplying fresh, chemical-free vegetables to Bengaluru residents.
Aug 09 2016
Dr Ajaya S Bharadwaja
t's not easy to navigate between loads of documents and see whether there is a violation in the property that you buy. Bengaluru needs to identify its flood zones to prevent future financial loss to the inhabitants.
Jul 23 2016
Deepa Mohan
See if you can spot some of these amazing and colourful creatures around you
Jul 22 2016
News Desk
http://bangalore.citizenmatters.in/articles/supreme-court-order-on-plastic-ban-petition-by-karuna Karuna-Order-Asp Document Pages Notes Text   Zoom  ...
Jul 18 2016
Saravana Bharati and Akshath bhat
Who takes care of the animals at Bengaluru's Bannerghata National Park— what is their work like?
Jul 18 2016
Blog: Like a Lake
On Saturday, 16-July-2016,  Horamavu Parisara Abhivruddhi Samiti  ( HPAS ) organised an intensive day-long lake cleaning and beautification event at the  Horamavu Agara Kere . More than 100 people participated in the event. In addition...
Jul 11 2016
Blog: Groundwater Stories
Pic: Shubha Ramachandran Often times we (BIOME) are asked to compare the prices of recharge wells quoted by various well diggers. After speaking with the clients, we realise that they maybe comparing apples to oranges. Apples to oranges –...
Jul 08 2016
Sumanth Bindumadhav
Every city, even a giant metropolis like Bengaluru, still has a few patches of green, blue or brown that have managed to survive or at least allay the formidable onslaught of concrete and glass. Look carefully in these oases and you’ll be sure...
Jun 17 2016
Blog: Like a Lake
As there are many people in Bangalore who would be eligible, reproducing this interesting assignment... from http://reachwater.org.uk/
Jun 15 2016
Blog: Whitefield Rising
Garbage isn't exactly Rocket Science but given the filth around us, one would think it is! Given that the Government struggles with Execution and Enforcement of its well thought out policies and programs, we looked to see how exactly we can get a...
Jun 10 2016
Blog: Like a Lake
"Garbage, sewage and construction debris are eating up Bengaluru's Chunchaghatta lake situated in the Konankunte ward, adjacent to Eshwar Layout in southern JP Nagar." This is what an article on Citizen Matters said, more than five years ago. The...
Jun 09 2016
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
A dry for years lake finally looks like a proper water body. Ever since we took up the cause of Puttenahalli Lake over seven years ago, this had been one of our goals - to see the entire lake bed submerged. 20th May 2014 6th June...
Jun 08 2016
Tara Krishnaswamy
A team of citizens cleared rainwater channels and helped rainwater flow into the lake. Here's how they did it.
Jun 07 2016
Harini Nagendra
A new book, Nature in the City examines the past, present and future of nature in rapidly urbanising Bengaluru. An excerpt.
Jun 07 2016
Blog: Like a Lake
Team VIKAS is organising Run4Lake - to create awareness about Vibhutipura Lake. The location of the lake can be seen on googlemaps here . Runners will need to complete two laps around the lake, starting at Utkarsh Park, LBS Nagar. Registrations...
Jun 06 2016
Blog: I Change Indira Nagar
Trees as we all know are of great importance for the whole human fraternity as well as managing the natural balance in the environment. However, we human beings are regularly cutting down the trees for fulfilling our personal needs without seeing...
Jun 05 2016
Blog: Like a Lake
Over 1000 people participated in various activities at the World Environment Day celebrations organised by YUVA, and held around Allalasandra Lake area this morning.   Tree planting in Allalasandra lake area was done by Bengaluru...
Jun 05 2016
Blog: Like a Lake
The Karnataka Lake ​Conservation and Development Authority (KLCDA) is on the look out for lake wardens, to work on a voluntary basis. The government order and other relevant information can be seen here .   The Karnataka Lake...
Jun 05 2016
Blog: Puttenahalli Post
To all our friends, Puttenahalli Lake, May 2016 ​ For many of us, every day is Environment Day. Still, it feels good to see the whole world pause on 5th June every year and focus on raising awareness about environmental issues and...
Jun 04 2016
Blog: Like a Lake
Watch the birds, feed the ducks, get a sapling to plant, listen to environment-related songs, help in cleaning the lake surroundings, learn about managing your waste. All these and more at the World Environment Day celebrations at Allalasandra Lake...
Jun 03 2016
News Desk
Who designed Lal Bagh? What were the architectural and environmental considerations? Who developed it into a botanical garden? A peek into the history of the most famous garden in Bengaluru.
Jun 03 2016
Deepa Mohan
One doesn't really need to visit a wildlife sanctuary to soak in the sights of Nature's beauty. A trip to a neighbourhood park serves just as well.
Jun 03 2016
Blog: Forward Bellandur
When buildings come up in the catchment area of a lake, there's bound to be flooding during the rains. Two major residential projects, Bren Imperia and Shriram Chirping Woods are coming up on on the sensitive valley zone between Kasavanahalli and...
Jun 01 2016
Jayalakshmi K
Come June 5 and there is a flurry of activity in the name of environment. An item on the CSR list ticked, some community sentiments evoked and soon the environment is a closed chapter for many. But at Adamya Chetana Foundation, greening the city is...
May 27 2016
Rajesh S
Bangalore is hot, dry, dusty. We're heating it up more, with all the gadgets and appliances we use. It's local heating—not global warming. This is the story of climate change in Bengaluru!

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