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Mar 23 2017
Radio Active 90.4MHz
Pooja Bhatia Arora is a fitness evangelist and nutrition coach, who has overcome her own health issues to become an epitome of fitness.
Apr 06 2017
Deepa Mohan
A visit to a lake at the center of Bengaluru city unveils surprises. Deepa Mohan documents it all.
Oct 05 2015
Sakuntala Narasimhan
Why did HSR Open Street initiative receive negative feedback by some people? Resistance comes from the biased mindset, says Sakuntala Narasimhan.
Oct 12 2016
The Ugly Indian
From a dark and dreary under-bridge area to a bright and lively public space, the story of a transformation.
Aug 22 2013
Reshmi Chakraborty
A mother can't wait to steal some time for herself, away from her children, while they are growing up. Once they grow up and fly away in search of their destiny, will her mindset remain the same? Reshmi Chakraborty tries exploring the subject.
Aug 05 2013
Padmalatha Ravi
When your daughter is sexually harassed, be on her side. Don’t tell her to bear with it quietly. You shouldn’t be worrying about the world’s reaction.
Oct 25 2012
Mukul Saxena
Once you recognise symptoms of heart disease, what steps to take.
Dec 15 2011
Christina Daniels
Opening on December 15th, about 175 feature films from around the world are screening in Bengaluru over eight days. These include 130 foreign, 30 Indian, 15 Kannada films.
Jun 01 2011
Maitri Vasudev
After 12 years as an autorickshaw driver, Mahadev quit. Why? What does he think about past career and what about his future?
Dec 21 2010
Theresa Varghese
For many Indian Christians, Christmas has traditionally meant sweets particular to their region. Guava cheese, coconut fudge, rose cookies, snowballs and more. The beauty of food traditions lies in how each family can create its own.


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