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Jul 15 2015
Govind Nandakumar
While asking for cuts on each referral is ethically wrong, the reason behind this behaviour is equally disturbing. General doctors need to be well-paid, so that cuts don’t matter to them.
Mar 23 2015
Govind Nandakumar
The bond of trust between doctors and patients will break if doctors are terrorised upon the breakdown in the system.
Jan 30 2015
Govind Nandakumar
Informed consent before medical procedures is a tricky thing. Sometimes it can delay the treatment or abandon it, while sometimes it can save lives. What should a patient do?
Jan 05 2015
Govind Nandakumar
How can the doctor become the captain of a health care team, including the patient, the doctor, the nurse, the pharmacist, etc.?