Sudha Narasimhachar talks to Bangaloreans, from different neighbourhoods, from different backgrounds.
Jun 01 2011
Maitri Vasudev
After 12 years as an autorickshaw driver, Mahadev quit. Why? What does he think about past career and what about his future?
Aug 18 2010
Sudha Narasimhachar
He's 22 and has already put in a good five years of social work. Meet wonder youngster Mansoor Chetlu, who has taken it upon himself to help destitutes in the city.
Jul 08 2010
Sudha Narasimhachar
K K Gangadharan's works speak for his love for languages. He has translated around 200 Malayalam stories and four novels into Kannada, besides a few Tamil and English stories.
May 26 2010
Sudha Narasimhachar
Mid-day meals was first introduced in a government school back in 1997 before it became a state government policy to implement it in all its schools five years ago. Meet Bhagya Rangachar who pioneered mid-day meal programmes.
Apr 02 2010
Sudha Narasimhachar
Since the time Alagiri took over his father's eatery outlet and converted it into an exclusive store for gulkand, there has been no looking back.
Mar 18 2010
Sudha Narasimhachar
Dinshaw Cawasji, President of The Bangalore Parsee Zoroastrian Anjuman narrates the history of Parsees; how they took refuge in a small coastal town in Gujarat after agreeing to several conditions laid down by the then Maharaja of Sanjan.
Feb 08 2010
Sudha Narasimhachar
Malliah, a farmer in the Kodigehalli taluk is happy to lead a life that revolves around his land, his animals and his village fairs, even as his land faces threat as the city expands.
Dec 26 2009
Sudha Narasimhachar
Thousands of people migrate from villages to bustling cities to earn their livelihoods, especially when nature disappoints them and their farms fail to meet their basic needs. Madayan is one of them.
Feb 27 2009
Sudha Narasimhachar
Meet Sreenivasa Rao and Anusuya Rao, talented writers and more. Their achievements include major contributions to the Kannada literary world.
Nov 26 2008
Sudha Narasimhachar
How must sex education be taught? With World AIDS day coming up on December 1st, a recent workshop held at Ulsoor explored points of view of Bengaluru's parents, teachers and students.
Nov 19 2008
Sudha Narasimhachar
She doesn't complain much about Bengaluru today, and has pointed views on family, culture and dressing. Meet the quiet and contented octgenarian, B Kamala, former General Manager of Canara Bank.
Nov 12 2008
Sudha Narasimhachar
..but now people drive straight into each other! A senior Bangalorean takes a trip down memory lane to recall the past glory of a green and golden city.
Oct 31 2008
Sudha Narasimhachar
Children have immense capabilities and given the right kind of fillip and support, they bloom happily, with the least effort, as Nischay Bhargav proves.
Sep 05 2008
Sudha Narasimhachar
Realising the purpose of our life and zooming in on a special interest to benefit society is rare. Dr Raghavendra of Malleswaram's Ananya Trust has succeeded in doing just that for classical music.
Jul 15 2008
Sudha Narasimhachar
He has accompanied many a famous Hindustani singer on the tabla for over 40 years, and his passion for the same is still growing. Down memory lane with Karnataka’s own Tabalchi…
Jun 21 2008
Sudha Narasimhachar
As a translator, novelist and poet, Ramadevi enjoys a fulfilling life at the ripe old age of 78.