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Dec 15 2011
Christina Daniels
Opening on December 15th, about 175 feature films from around the world are screening in Bengaluru over eight days. These include 130 foreign, 30 Indian, 15 Kannada films.
Dec 05 2011
Christina Daniels
Milan Luthria plays to the gallery, but makes his questions relevant to his audience. Vidya is bold, provocative and even outrageous, but she is never vulgar.
Dec 01 2011
Christina Daniels
With Germany's renewed focus on the technology of film-making, new opportunities for collaboration between Germany and India might open up in the years ahead.
Nov 16 2011
Christina Daniels
Gloom, turmoil and good intentions alone don't make a great film. The only saving grace is Ranbir Kapoor. What's all the fuss about?
Nov 04 2011
Christina Daniels
Bollywood's most expensive film ever, doesn't deliver the best sci-fi film. It is not even the usual entertainer that one expects from a film with SRK in the lead. Graphic novel though has potential.
Sep 30 2011
Christina Daniels
In a film ridden with melodrama and many old clichés, the only redemption lies in the film's sophisticated production values and spellbinding choreography. Both make for extremely watchable cinema.
Sep 21 2011
Christina Daniels
Pawan Kumar's directorial debut is made for the generation next, with a unique perspective.
Jul 20 2011
Christina Daniels
When Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara works, it's because the film is genuinely funny. Backed by production values that raise the bar for international cinema, it is always eminently watchable.
Jul 13 2011
Christina Daniels
Bettada Jeeva lacks sensationalism and bawdy entertainment like most films of today. But it is an insightful movie, inspiring the mind.
Jul 08 2011
Christina Daniels
From Superman to Mary Jane to Joker we love our super hero characters. What makes them so endearing?
May 31 2011
Christina Daniels
Don't miss this Stanley Ka Dabba. Its sincerity will leave you moved.
May 27 2011
Christina Daniels
The fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie exudes a freshness, retaining the series' unpredictability and sense of humour.
May 18 2011
Christina Daniels
A well intentioned film that wanders somewhere in between, slightly lost in confusion.
May 10 2011
Christina Daniels
Story of a young veterinary student who joins the travelling circus, Water for Elephants is cinema that absorbs but does not haunt you.
May 04 2011
Christina Daniels
A well crafted, introspective, intelligent cinema that looms tall over much of what we see in contemporary Hindi cinema.
Apr 29 2011
Christina Daniels
Dum Maaro Dum is not great cinema. But it does make for an entertaining watch at the movies.
Apr 14 2011
Hari Shankar
Sixty-year-old hero romancing a 19-year-old heroine is quite an accepted norm in our films. What is the reason for this? Why do these films shy away from portraying the reality in such relationships?
Apr 12 2011
Christina Daniels
Bazmee combines the formidable talents of Akshay Kumar and Irrfan Khan, yet not managing to produce an entertaining result.
Mar 22 2011
Christina Daniels
JR's 'Women are Heroes', speaks through the voice of women, for the condition of women reflects the state of the society that they live in.
Mar 18 2011
Christina Daniels
Sudeep breathes fire and power into 'Kempe Gowda', which raises the bar for Kannada action movies. The Fighter, a realistic boxing film helps Hollywood return to the genre with a bang!
Mar 14 2011
Christina Daniels
In 'A Million Snakebites', Reptile conservationist Rom Whitaker travels across India, collecting snake venom in an effort to arrive at an anti-venom cure for all snake bites.
Mar 04 2011
Christina Daniels
Krupakar-Senani’s Green Oscar winning The Pack - on the Asiatic dogs or dhol - is a triumph for wildlife film-making.
Feb 22 2011
Christina Daniels
Linear narration and less than nuanced performances lets '7 Khoon Maaf' down. Music is the only highlight.
Feb 12 2011
Christina Daniels
Akshay Kumar’s first release this year, isn’t exactly setting the box-office on fire.
Jan 28 2011
Christina Daniels
A bird’s eye view of the South Asian films and two interesting directorial debuts - January was action packed.