Heal Thyself

Col (Retd) Dr Mukul Saxena has over 30 years of cross-functional expertise in healthcare, both in the public and private sectors. His column will help readers become aware of options available in healthcare. Topics will include responding to medical emergencies, childcare, home based healthcare, diabetes, care of elderly, annual health checkups and more.

Feb 04 2013
Mukul Saxena
All that you need to understand is what are your risk factors - inherited, life style and your fitness levels, and what can be done to mitigate them.
Oct 25 2012
Mukul Saxena
Once you recognise symptoms of heart disease, what steps to take.
Sep 17 2012
Mukul Saxena
South East Asians, and that includes Indians, are genetically much more predisposed to heart disease than other individuals. What can you do to cut down the risks?
Aug 28 2012
Mukul Saxena
A large number of people today, carry more than one cellphone. Know about the radiation effect from a mobile and its implication on health issues.
Jul 13 2012
Mukul Saxena
Not only women are diagnosed with breast cancer, men can also be diagnosed with it. Know more about breast cancer.
Jun 26 2012
Mukul Saxena
The world is full of first aid boxes containing drugs that can be harmful if taken unsupervised. It cannot replace a doctor’s advice.
Jun 15 2012
Mukul Saxena
Most youngsters have the desire to lose a lot of weight, that too very fast! But how healthy is it? Follow balanced diet and be healthy.
Jun 01 2012
Mukul Saxena
Eczema in children causes as much distress to parents as much as it does to the children. Did you know that it s more prevalent among boys when compared to girls? Or that it is more prevalent in winters?
May 18 2012
Mukul Saxena
The spectre of drug-resistant tuberculosis (DRTB) is looming large. Drug-resistant tuberculosis is one which does not respond to standard anti-tuberculosis treatment. Globally, there were 1.2 million deaths in 2010, out of 8.8 million TB-infected.
Apr 20 2012
Mukul Saxena
Water is the elixir of life. But according to World Health Organisation, nearly 1.8 million people die every year due to water-borne diseases.
Apr 07 2012
Mukul Saxena
Steroids get the attention for all the wrong reasons. But when used moderately and under doctor's supervision, they can help save lives.
Mar 26 2012
Mukul Saxena
You get only a limited amount of time with your doctor. So you need to make the best of it. Here's how.
Mar 12 2012
Mukul Saxena
Did you know that antibiotics cannot be taken without consulting a physician? Here are a few more myths about antibiotics, busted.
Feb 15 2012
Mukul Saxena
Off late there have been discussions on whether the excessive usage of hand sanitiser adversely affects children's immunity. Is there truth to this?
Feb 01 2012
Mukul Saxena
Can you tell when someone is suicidal? What can you to help them out of it?
Jan 19 2012
Mukul Saxena
Suicides have a social, cultural, and economic background. Most of the deaths that occur by suicide have a chance to be prevented.
Dec 31 2011
Mukul Saxena
The secret is not chasing sugar levels, but reducing calorie intake, and increased burning of calories.
Dec 17 2011
Mukul Saxena
Apart from genetic factors, urbanisation, pollution, stress, and tobacco smoke are some of the factors that cause asthma.
Oct 24 2011
Mukul Saxena
Not just medication but a change in lifestyle can save you the risk of heart attacks and stroke caused by hypertension
Oct 13 2011
Mukul Saxena
No that extra flab is not a sign of prosperity. Time to give it some serious attention. But starving isn't the way to go
Oct 05 2011
Mukul Saxena
7.3 Bangaloreans in every one lakh suffer from lung cancer. Most of it is caused due to smoking.
Sep 05 2011
Mukul Saxena
Getting medical help doesn't have to be a one way road. Both the patient and doctor have some rights and responsibilities.
Aug 10 2011
Mukul Saxena
Arrival of a newborn brings in anxious moments along with joy. Here are some pointers that could help you during this period.
Jul 13 2011
Mukul Saxena
Population of the elderly is set to increase by 17% by 2025. What are the best ways to address their health issues?
Jul 04 2011
Mukul Saxena
Many of the lifestyle related diseases are easily preventable. Early diagnosis can help prevent fatalities too. Here's list of things you can do to ensure you stay ahead of life affecting diseases.