The swelling assembly of camera-wielding enthusiasts is perpetually documenting the rapidly changing cityscape of Bengaluru. While the process is more often than not self-indulgent and casual, without much research and reflection, serious bits of the city’s temperament do get inadvertently absorbed into the 2x3s. The eventual destination for these pictures seem to be a mere few seconds in some corner of the social media.

Intense-city will be a separate page on Citizen Matters that will showcase photographs mostly from non-professionals, who haven’t had the opportunity to extend the purpose of their photographic exercise. It will make you all stop a little longer at the photograph, put it in context and explore derivatives that can comment directly or indirectly on aspects of the city life.

The curator, Vivek Muthuramalingam, will help hunt photographs in cyberspace that have such a potential, assist the creator to recollect and articulate, and present to an audience to comment not just on the visual aspect but more importantly on its substance and context.

May 22 2015
Vivek M
  Ganga Madappa, Staff Reporter and Community Manager at Citizen Matters, writes:   Here's a side of the Ulsoor lake that not too many people notice. To the left of the kalyani at the lake, is a storm water drain that comes all...
Feb 18 2015
Vivek M
Bengaluru's Big Banyan Tree, or Dodda Alada Mara. Pic: Vivek M After the construction of the new airport, Bangalore is fiercely expanding towards the north consuming more and more rural areas like these. This big banyan, located in Avalahalli...
Dec 17 2014
Vivek M
Soumya Geetha, a consultant by profession, is extremely passionate about photographing culture and the streets, besides being a rabid traveller. She captured the above bull at the heart of the city - in the Pete. She writes: "During my street...
Nov 12 2014
Vivek M
A photo can speak thousand words. This is a peek into the life of Tigalas during the Karaga festival, through a photo.