Nature Feature

Every fortnight, Deepa Mohan will introduce you to the wonders of nature that you can see right in your backyard.

Apr 06 2017
Deepa Mohan
A visit to a lake at the center of Bengaluru city unveils surprises. Deepa Mohan documents it all.
Mar 09 2017
Deepa Mohan
Lalbagh is quite colourful in March, thanks to the flowers that bloom in the season. Take a virtual floral tour of Lalbagh through this feature!
Feb 16 2017
Deepa Mohan
These birds are on the verge of extinction, due to loss of habitat and superstition. You'd be lucky if you are able to spot one!
Jan 03 2017
Deepa Mohan
A nature walk explored everything from travellers' palm to passion flowers to lipstick plant, while the talk provided the background required to internalise the sightings.
Dec 12 2016
Deepa Mohan
If you happen to see Hummingbird Hawk Moth this winter, be assured that you have a lot of good luck on your plate!
Dec 12 2016
Deepa Mohan
These colourful 'flying needles' are a pleasure to watch - next time you go out to a nature outing, take care to notice them and enjoy!
Oct 12 2016
Deepa Mohan
Walks are a great way to explore the hidden treasures in the city, including birds. Deepa Mohan narrates the story of one such walk.
Apr 09 2016
Deepa Mohan
Ever come across an injured animal or bird that you cannot help? It is at these times that one is reminded how cruel nature can be.
Mar 01 2016
Deepa Mohan
Many migratory birds, flowers heralding the onset of summer, people on a boat ride, a gorgeous sunset - these are some of the things that you will come across if you set out on a bird walk at Madiwala lake.
Feb 02 2016
Deepa Mohan
Do you know that Bengaluru gets visitors from across the world? And no, we're not talking about people. Several birds make their way to India for the winter.
Jan 07 2016
Deepa Mohan
There are some organisms that thrive in the moist, humid environment that the monsoons bring. And though they have a short life, they are beautiful and intriguing, when they appear.
Dec 19 2015
Deepa Mohan
Valmiki apparently wrote the first verse of the Ramayana after he saw a hunter kill the male of a pair of courting Demoiselle Cranes. Deepa Mohan documents the very first sighting of the bird in Bengaluru.
Dec 02 2015
Deepa Mohan
The next time you visit Lalbagh, keep an eye out for the weavers of the insect world. Here's a look at the fascinating world of weaver ants.
Nov 02 2015
Deepa Mohan
What comes to mind when you think of dragons? Do you summon up images of the mythical beings that belong in the realms of fantasy? Or do you picture those creatures with shimmering wings, only to look up and find them flying overhead.
Oct 01 2015
Deepa Mohan
It's that time of the year when the Blue Tiger makes its way to the Western Ghats. Keep your peeled for these butterflies as they flit past you when you are out and about.
Sep 03 2015
Deepa Mohan
Here's a mother who hunts for baby food even before she has given birth. Read the exciting account of what happens when the Spider or Pompilid Wasp, meets a spider, a Tarantula no less.
Aug 11 2015
Deepa Mohan
There's several interesting things one can observe while looking at a spider web. In this photo essay, Deepa Mohan gives ample reason to dissuade people from merely brushing off cobwebs while cleaning their homes.
Jul 09 2015
Deepa Mohan
Many creatures that are depicted in Hindu mythology are inspired by nature. As Deepa Mohan talks about some of them, she reminds us of the importance of feeling the nature around us as we go about our daily lives.
Jun 08 2015
Deepa Mohan
The very word 'Tarantula' is something that strikes dread into most of our hearts. We’ve all heard the horror stories of 'evil' arachnnids delivering fatal bites. However, though they may be deadly Tarantulas elsewhere, the ones we have nearby...
May 22 2015
Deepa Mohan
May 10th 2015, was celebrated as Global Big Day , when, all over the world, birders tried to document as many species of birds as they could in 24 hours.  However, in India, we also  observed  Endemic Bird Day  on the same...
Apr 03 2015
Deepa Mohan
Guiana chestnut | Pachira aquatica Now that's a sight worth spending a morning for, isn't it? This is how it came about. Nidhi Chawla and Reshmi Chakraborty, who founded an online magazine for seniors, asked me to conduct a nature/birding...
Mar 13 2015
Deepa Mohan
Deepa Mohan has a poem to celebrate nature and ponder over the contradictions that we live with!
Feb 06 2015
Deepa Mohan
Did you know that some spiders are also called harvestmen? They're not always scary—you just have to observe them to see their beauty!
Jan 05 2015
Deepa Mohan
A trip to a forest inside Bengaluru can reveal wonderful creatures that are hidden! Deepa Mohan captures the moments from her latest trip.
Dec 09 2014
Deepa Mohan
Ever observed a fishing bird? Did you know there are many ways to fish? Here’s the most interesting method!