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15 Apr '2017, 11:00 am to
31 May '2017, 07:00 pm
Cuemath, JP Nagar 4th Phase/Panduranga Nagar (near Adarsh Rhythm)
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Rs. 1800/-

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Harini S

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This summer, Cuemath is excited to bring you a range of games and activities for kids, which are both fun and educational. Games and puzzles like ORIGAMI, KEN KEN, LOOP THE LOOP, TANGRAMS, CAT SNAPPER to name a few are going to keep the kids engaged and entertained while also adding a rich Math learning.


We also have a Math Box with 17 physical learning aids and 4 Math games to boost conceptual understanding and engagement. The box has manipulatives useful for students from KG, right up to grade 8! BASE 10 BLOCKS, SNAP ON CUBES, TANGRAMS, SOLIDS WITH NETS, FRACTION SHAPES, GEOBORD, CUISENAIRE RODS and many more!!! Younger students can now actually see concepts like place values, skip counting and fractions. For older kids, concepts like HCF, LCM and algebra will now be tangible. That’s right, there is a manipulative that can be used to visualise, factorise and solve quadratic equations!


The program consists of 12 sessions of 1.5 hours each - first hour of regular Cuemath session (Worksheet + Mental Aptitiute + Creative Reasoning) followed by 30mins of activity session. We know its summer and kids might be out on vacation. So these sessions will be spanning flexibly across 12 sessions between April 15 - May 31, depending on the availability of the child. Convenient time slots are available.


Flexi Dates, Flexi Timings 12 sessions of 1.5 hours 

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