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Exhibition: Young Talent Program - Anjali V; AF


22 Apr '2017, 11:00 am to
13 May '2017, 07:00 pm
Alliance Française
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Deepa Vaishnavi

The universe of Anjali V is in black and white. She belongs to the continuous line drawing school: light, precise, sharp movements create her anthropomorphic forms. She draws a line, most of the time a messy one, limiting the boundaries of her composition; she closes the line, intertwists it, overlaps it, creates voids, fills them (or not) and builds up fantasy like forms. The beauty of the body of works she is showing today is the consistency of the organic feeling that comes out of it. Sometimes complete, sometimes under completion, sometimes incomplete, it creates a growing effect, a push from the depth of the earth to the open-air reality we belong to.

The exhibition has been curated by Balan Nambiar, Franck Barthèlèmy and Ravi Cavale

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