Neighborhood Trees Campaign


22 Apr '2014, 07:00 am to
27 Apr '2014, 12:00 am
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Thomas Vattakaven


Neighbourhood Trees Campaign:

Photograph, map, and share a story about trees

What : The Neighborhood Trees Campaign is a nationwide event where participants will photograph, map and share stories on trees from across India.


When : From 22 - 27 April 2014


Why :The aim is to record the distribution of species across India. Checklists and distribution maps of trees can be valuable information towards protecting them. All observations, lists and maps are freely available for download under Creative Commons licenses and can be useful for research studies. Most importantly, it is a fun activity to do during this time of the year when many trees are in bloom!


How : It is simple, easy and a lot of fun. Grab a friend,take your camera, mobile phone or note pad and photograph and document trees in your garden, road, neighbourhood park, farms, forests, lake shores, river banks, etc. You can also join an existing local event or sign up to organize one here.

  • Observe and photograph trees in your neighborhood.

  • Head to TreesIndia and create an account

  • Upload your identified or unidentified observations or lists with date, location and notes.

  • Submit and share with friends!!

  • Experts will help you identify unidentified species and confirm identified ones

  • Browse, comment, agree on species IDs or help identify incoming observations.


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Vijaya Prakash J K

It's wonderful to be amidst trees.I am blessed I live in Rajarajeshwarinagar where most of the roads are like avenues! There are lot of vacant large sites in this locality,specially in Ideal homes township.It's prone invite developers to large with large apartments..
I wish the road side trees are not disturbed,they are nurtured well, pruned and maintained in such a way that they do not come in the way of construction, which may warrant for it's felling in the future ( it looks strange but like a self defense ! ).

April 21 2014, 8:31 PM  ·  Thumb-up-icon 0  ·  Thumb-down-icon 0
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