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Play @ RS - Gumma Banda Gumma


12 Jan '2017, 07:30 pm to 08:30 pm
13 Jan '2017, 07:30 pm to 08:30 pm
Ranga Shankara
Entry :
Rs. 100/-

Posted by :
Deepa Vaishnavi


'Gumma Banda Gumma' (Kannada, 60 mins) is for children 5 years and above, and parents and grandparents..!

Written and directed by S. Surendranath, is an eternal entertainer with children and parents seeing a part of their life unfolding on stage!

The play is an adaptation of the original German play, Max Und Milli. [Max and Milli] is a five character play performed in the tradition of GRIPS Theatre.
The play focuses on the ability of a child to communicate and bond with another regardless of all the barriers adults create. It is about unconditional friendship, sibling love and rivalry, parent child relationships and how all of these can be quite full of fun and happiness.

Tickets priced Rs. 100 and tickets are available at Ranga Shankara and

Payments accepted through paytm / Debit and Credit card also.


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