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Tai Chi with Sonika Vickraman


18 Feb '2017, 09:30 am to 03:30 pm
Bhoomi College, Sarjapur Road
Entry :
Rs. 1500/-

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Ad Bash

Tai Chi works to integrate the mind and body, skeletal and muscular systems, and left brain and right brain. In physical terms, this centering is built around an awareness of moving with good posture and from a low center of gravity.

As one of the most powerful mind-body exercises, Tai Chi teaches the student to be aware of the intrinsic energy from which he or she can perceive greater self-control and empowerment. The benefits of Tai Chi are many, and include increased flexibility, strengthening and stamina, improved fitness, balance, prevention of injury, improved immunity and heart health, improved cardio-vascular fitness, weight loss, heightened creative expression and helping one relax and de-stress.

Sonika Vickraman is a highly trained, Olympic level, gold medal winning martial artist and experienced Tai Chi practitioner and instructor.

Limited Seats - 20
Fee: Rs 1500 (1300 for the tai chi session and 200 for lunch)
To Register, contact Sudha at 9449853834 or 080-28441173


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