About us

Citizen Matters is a Bangalore focused, citizen-oriented newsmagazine, covering city public affairs, community and culture. Citizen Matters encourages everyone to get involved in city affairs.

Citizen Matters is published by Oorvani Media, an independent local media firm founded by Bangaloreans, Subramaniam Vincent and Meera K.

Our journalism is supported by Oorvani Foundation, a non-profit trust setup to ensure an independent community-funded media.

Our credo

We encourage citizens, professionals and journalists alike getting involved in city affairs, reporting, collaborating on, analysing, and proposing ideas and solutions. We hope this publication provides a forum for discourse on city topics. If you want to be part of our team, do get in touch.

Editing and Publishing

Subramaniam Vincent

Subramaniam (Subbu) Vincent is a technologist turned journalism innovator, writer, and entrepreneur.

Subbu has held product engineering, research and project leadership positions in the information technology industry in India and abroad. Subbu is the Co-founder of and Editor-in-Chief Citizen Matters. He is also a Co-founder and Editor at India Together, India's national public affairs e-magazine. He believes that an original purpose of journalism is to provide information to citizens so that they may be free and self-governing.

Meera K

Meera was formerly yet another manager at an IT firm. She has worked at large corporates as well as startups, holding varied responsibilities in the product development space. Meera has also been involved with the social and voluntary sector, supporting projects related to education and community health.

As the co-founder and editor of Citizen Matters, Meera hopes that this forum for citizen level debate and expression makes a positive difference to the city.


Articles are written by a team of professional journalists, civic minded citizens and activists. Our journalism team is led by Shree D N, Associate Editor and staff reporter Ganga Madappa. Shivakeshava M is the Graphics Designer. Our complete list of freelance writers can be found here.

Design and Technology

Angeline and Upesh Pradhan at The Other Design Studio provided graphic design for the March 2008 (launch) version of the Citizen Matters website. Sahana Rammohan also provided web design consultancy.

Our original publishing platform (Beta version) has been developed by Gokul Janga and Raghavan Kandala at TecDost Software (now part of Mapunity). Shajith Chacko worked on subsequent versions. The latest release of the website was developed by Raghavan Kandala, Mapunity.

We are extremely grateful to the Open Source Software community for technology and software used to build this site (Ruby on Rails, Apache, Dadamail).