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Our Sponsorship Policy

At Citizen Matters, readers can expect us to maintain the highest standards of independence in editorial stewardship, whether it comes to selecting stories, or a specific inquiry into an issue. Please note however, that sponsors have no influence on the stories themselves. We assure our readers that at all times, the sponsorship programme will adhere to two simple rules:

  • Sponsors will not get any editorial say in the published material.
  • Sponsors will always be clearly identified to the readers. We will not accept anonymous sponsorship.

Since we began in November 2007, we have published informative and in-depth stories on a range of topics from water contamination levels to the city's massive road-widening project to illegal construction and more.

But as always there are so many stories out there that we may not be able to cover soon enough due to resource constraints. We provide a way for readers to support the commissioning of reports on specific topics of concern/interest.

Sponsorship (from individuals, groups of individuals or organisations) can support specific reports on topics such as governance, education, infrastructure, heritage or culture. Such funds will help us assign the best journalism talent, and publish multiple in-depth and informative stories on key city topics.

Sponsor's funds will cover research, local travel, writing, editing and publishing costs and we will credit the sponsor in the article series.

If you are interested in sponsoring an article series in Citizen Matters, please get in touch with us. You will be able to select a topic of inquiry and we'll take care of the rest.


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