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Does the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act restrict the individual apartment owner from installation of glass windows / shutters / grills in his own balcony. Is this a violation or is it acceptable.The shutters will be installed within the railing provided by the builder. Read More
Roshan Aranha

Does the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act restrict the individual apartment owner from installation of glass windows / shutters / grills in his own balcony. Is this a violation or is it acceptable...

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Hi - I have a question. My maid's spouse had a huge accident and she is getting him treated at a govt. hospital. We would like to see the records so we can get a 2nd opinion and the hospital is refusing to provide this. Additionally, they are asking for bribes off my poor maid to ensure that her spouse gets treatment. Understandably we don't want to blunder in there as his treatment might be at risk. Has anyone dealt with this situation before? any tips for how to handle? Read More
For the past 11 years, we are living in HRBR First Block, a BDA developed colony. We have been seeing many snakes in this area, poisonous and non-poisonous ones. In the recent past, since a year or so, we have noticed snakes menace that has grown into unbearable proportions. In our street only some 10 snakes were seen on the road and inside compounds of houses. All are cobras, big and small. Some were caught, some were killed and some of them escaped to safer places. They are infested in the... Read More

Sorry the Plot numbers are 5C-944, 946 and 948.

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At the Passport Office Please add/edit or pass on... If you have applied online and got the online appointment receipt; look at the second column on the first page. You will find the batch number above the sequence number. If it says 3 you are in the third batch. Each batch takes about 15 mins to enter the passport office and about an hour to complete the formalities. If it says batch no 7 the reporting time will be 10.45am. Do not go earlier! The queue starts in the room on the left and... Read More
We live in Kanaka Layout behind Kadirenahalli petrol pump. There is a property allocated for park which now houses an illegal shed. The residents of the layout conduct private functions on a regular basis and use the electricity. I have personally called BESCOM officials and registered a complaint. The vigilance officers visited the site and ensured that electricity if cut-off. Inspire of that, some people in the area have openly reconnected the electricity line. The AE in-charge tells me... Read More

hi - there is a similar situation in defence colony indiranagar. at best the housing cooperative was able to place a stay order. Yes, it's probably politically motivated and could be a land grabbing...

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Yuvashree's report card Read More
Daughter of an auto driver is not allowed to a public school despite outstanding scores, as she failed to pay up her fees. Read More

Satish, her dad's contact numbers:
1. 9738131991
2. 9738375739
Tahir Public school where she was enrolled:
243/5, 2nd Main, 2nd Cross, Devarajaurs Nagar, Old Guddadahalli, Bangalore 26. Contact...

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Her name is Yavashree (II standard, Roll no. 32)

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Ganga Madappa

Yuvashree's report card:

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If the NICE road in Bangalore is an example of how private built infrastructure can help, the model needs a rethink. Last night, I paid a toll of over Rs 3 per km for the dubious pleasure of driving in the rain in pitch darkness with absolutely no street lighting. Sure, the road is good and traffic is sparse. But hey, you gotta stay alive at the end of it. Read More
HI I wanted to share a incident which happened on June 6th 2015 around 9.15 pm at the restaurant called ‘TOIT’ at Indranagar, Bangalore. On June 6th we decided to celebrate my friend’s birthday and we chose this place as I have already visited this place so I suggested this place to my friends eventually they also agree. As we reached this place there were many people getting inside and we 5 were stooped as we were localities and was communicating in the local language and looking at us they... Read More
NARI SHAKTI ----- WOMAN POWER A WOMAN is the Best creation of Nature. NARI is made up of two Celebs --- Na ( not) + Ari ( Enemy) meaning the one who doesnot have any Enemy OR who has no Enmity. Her external softness,beauty,sweet smile, tenderness of her heart,emotional, forgiveness, compassion,affection,kindness, tolerance, dedication,composure, sensitiveness are full glimpses of Nature… Woman and her noble qualities A Woman is not only the half... Read More