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Are we following other countries blindly to show our emotions in public from our bedroom / home.Such behaviour could be seen everywhere in foreign lands. We or our CULTURE doesn't allow to indulge in such obscenities outside to encourage misbehaviour, rapes, sexual harassment of little kids even which are the results of such perverted views of so called modernised, civilised members of SOCIETY. Foreigners are following our culture, coming and marrying here, adopting vegetarianism, cultural values... Read More
Is BBMP not responsible to check that Trinity Woods & Acres Community has collected dry waste and its becoming bigger and bigger heap in the background which is a hazardous and pollutant for its community. This heap is visible from the lakeside also. I have raised this topic earlier also but nothing has come yet ? Might be someday someone will burn it as it has happened once. What should be done ? Read More
I have purchased a flat from a builder which consists of 120 flats. Already 45 people have occupied the flat. but the builder have not given lifts, gates, generator, intercom etc., as promised by him even after two years. more over he is giving B khata and no occupancy certificate.. Please advice us. 1.What we have to do about B khata 2. If we go to consumer form and even if we get the order in our favour can he go to higher form against the order and delay the whole matter Thanks pl advice... Read More
M Chandra shekar

You should have checked before the purchase and at the time of registration. There seems to be some violation, deviation and illegality. Consult a town planning expert, architect and an advocate and...

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Editor of journal of research (in Banglore) told about 7th -8th NCERT Mathematics
Editor of journal of research (in Banglore) told about 7 th -8 th NCERT Mathematics                                             What is the issue? Serious mistake in derivation of E=mc 2 by Einstein. Editor silent after initial reports.   Frustrating Indian innovator... Read More
Any news on VivekNagar road widening? It was really saddening to see a Sanjeevani Ambulance Stuck in that pin-needle wafer thin Road - at most 20 families need to be rehabilitated seeing near the school the road has already been widened !! Why isn't this extreme bottleneck whose residents add encroached shops, Goats and buffaloes to an already ridiculous situation? Read More

Any IDea what happened to the Six Signal Free Corridors Govt announced in Jan? Another case of announcing plans with zero implementation? Read More

Hi all, I had put up an RTI to 3BMTC about the travel time from BSK to ITPL and vice versa - BMTC replies that the travel time is 1hr 20 mins irrespective of peak or non peak hours.. How is this possible? 2. According to the RTI, the max permitted time of stoppage of the 500C/500CA volvo is not explicitly decidedby the authorities of BMTC. Under whose discretion does the crew stop and start the buses? What are the criteria for stopping buses even if there are no passengers boarding/ alighting... Read More
With reference to the article on online shopping, I see that it is certainly a way of life in the US where I am currently visiting.The return policies too are pretty decent too. Online shopping is a boon for busy people, the sick, invalid or old people too. Sandhya Vasudev Read More
Ganga Madappa

Hi Sandhya, Thanks for sharing your comments. You could share this in the comments section on the article page as well -

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property tax not paid for 9 years (but paid 2 years before that) property do not comes under BBMP, comes under taluq /gram panchayat. i want to pay now all. any hurdles or conditons? pl reply Read More
Dear Sir/Madam, I have zeroed in on a DC converted, B Khata ground floor constructed independent house in Bangalore. I got it scrutinized by a Lawyer and I have spoken to the neighbors. I learnt that The AC had cancelled the grant on 2/12/10 since it was a grant land and was sold before 15 years however in 2011 against the petition filed by the owners the DC on 17/8/11 set aside AC order and subsequently the layout was DC converted on 23/1/2013. Further to this I inquired at the DC office... Read More