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How many more years " Trinity Woods & Acres" apartment complex is required to wait for getting CAUVERI WATER ? Read More
Hello, I want to know who owns an empty plot in Indiranagar, Bangalore. It is being used to dump garbage on and let out illegally to squatters. Residents tell me the plot possibly belongs to either BBMP or BDA. How can I find out? thank you, -Sujata Read More
the bill not address the creation other separate extended arm after program because currently within be lot governing the California Board barbering and cosmetology their inapplicable language kit or eight current kitchen trance spurring there this a pica hunter hours that they achieve into a master and then just in training they 1200 R court with the balance. Read More
Eco-friendly beehive removers are visiting Bellandur area at 9 am today. They come only occasionally so please take advantage of their visit. They remove beehive free of cost but ask that they be allowed to sell honey in the community premises. If residents in the Bellandur area wish to get a beehive removed please contact Rahul asap at 9686828088. Read More
We Bangalorean can be little Cleaner when as a smart citizen we stop throwing food in plastics. Common scenes in many areas near food vendors/stall , food is thrown in plastic bags tied. Handling will be easy if left over food is emptied in wet bins and plastic is disposed. this will help in reducing handling problems at the recycler's end and clean plastic can be easily segregated Read More
Dear All, I am planning to buy an apartment which is ready to move in san wood work. The builder gave me a price breakup which includes VAT and Service Tax. VAT is calculated on the construction component of the price which is arrived at after excluding the UDS of land. Added to the amount is Car parking charges. Service Tax on the other hand is calculated on the total flat value (land+construction cost+ BESOM/BSSWB+club charges). Could someone advise if I am liable to pay these taxes since I... Read More
why NOTA not an option in the BBMP election? Read More
Paying a bribe to get BWSSB water is an open secret. Why isn't water connection a basic right? Why are we ignoring this elephant in the room? Read More
My name is in voter id list but dont have EPIC can i still cast vote ?? Read More
Ganga Madappa

As long as your name is there on the electoral roll, you can vote. In case you do not have your Voters ID or EPIC card, make sure you carry a valid ID card when you go to the polling booth. More details...

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Pallavi T

I had a voter ID but in voter list i didn't had my name so i couldn't put the vote today....wt procedure i want to do further....

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voter list for 2015 BBMP Polls Read More
Ganga Madappa

See this week's edition of Bengaluru This Week, our newsletter - Has all the info you need:

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