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Harassment of Pet Owners by Association I have a 4 months old Labrador pup who has become a bone of contention in our Association's eye. They want us to not take him on a walk in common areas , he is not allowed in lifts , not allowed in parks and there is a 1000 rupees penalty for violation. I as a responsible pet owner always clean up after him as well as keep him on leash but of no avail .... as per Animal Welfare Board notice all the rules made by our association are illegal and Indian constitution... Read More
The toxic Ganesha.. As per "Ganesha Puja Vidhana", it is mentioned that one can pray to gold, silver or clay Ganapathi as per one's affordability. It is not mandatory to buy and immerse toxic ganapathis in lakes and spoil our environment! People of Bangalore ... lets get sensitized to this fact. Read More
To keep street dogs away - just dont feed them. But what if neighbors feed? Helpless? Animal Welfare/Security is on hand; sound pollution, sleepless night, dogshit on street are on the other hand ! Help !!! Read More
Sekhar Developer building quality ..? I visited the first project of Sekhar developer .i.e at Bhoganahalli apartment called Sekhar Ridge, spoke to few flat owners of the same, the feedback is " quality of the construction is very bad, even i noticed lot of cracks on wall , which is very unrealistic for a very new apartment, that's shows the build and construction quality which is claimed otherwise by builder, also after sale the builder simply forget of the... Read More
My friend Vandana Murthy writes: "My son has to go to school tomorrow from 12.30 noon to 6.30 pm. It is compulsory to hear the PM's speech!!! Even their test has been postponed. This is unprecedented political marrketing/brainwashing...Orwellian! How is it that schools are taking this kind of political mandate to the students? They have not given parents any time to protest, either. There should be a protest against such tactics by the schools, and the government that mandates... Read More
Need help to control Noise-Pollution (Bangalore)‏‏ There is noise pollution adjacent to my appt at Mahadevpura, Bangalore. I have complained with KSPCB on 4th Feb 2014 but nothing has changed. Could you please help covering this issue? My contact is 9731390909. I have also raised a complaint on ichangemycity. Read More

All those interested in BDA flats - good news for you! BDA housing project, Valagerahalli Phase-III, has been selected for the Jury appreciation award year 2014 instituted by the Karnataka Bangalore Centre Indian Concrete Institute. A BDA press note says that Indian Concrete Institute - Karnataka Bangalore Centre celebrates concrete Day every year during the month of September. It also recognizes outstanding and Innovative Structures built using concrete as main construction material. This year... Read More
prakash raju

Hi Friends, I have started a new blog for our detailed discussions. Let us join & share our views. Let us join and resolve the issues of getting our BDA flats at the earliest. If we don't unite, I don...

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Why not try this in our local temples? To discourage the use of plastics, the authorities at Kapaleeswarar Temple, devotees are now required to place coconut, flowers and other items required for pooja in a bamboo basket before taking it inside the temple. A token system is used to track identification... (Source: Read More
BBMP — LAND AND PROPERTY ENCROACHMENT Suddagunte Palya — 3rd Main Road, Bharathi Layout, Sadduguntepalya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560029, India W0152012333 Violation of court injunction order (Civil Law) . Contempt of court, often referred to simply as "contempt," is the offense of being disobedient to or disrespectful of a court of law and its officers in the form of behavior that opposes or defies the authority, justice, and dignity of the court. It manifests itself in willful disregard of... Read More
Bellendur.. Im very sad to tell this to all, although the Bellendur is place connecting to city to sarjapur, Koramangala, HSR layout Marathalli whitefield and ITPL but the place is ver dirty under the flyover, and no properly closed manholes and everything drainage thing is open and people have to jump that to come from service road to bus stop near flyover, I request to the MLA MP or corporator to get atleast that manpoles and morii to close so that kids and ladies will have comfort, and more... Read More