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Sir, I had applied under RTI act 2005 and received reply which is totally false and I have solid proof to counter .what is the punishment for the PIO who gives intentional false information. I am appealing to Appellate Authority. Please help me in clearing my doubt about the punishment and penalty to the official ie. PIO.? Satish Deshpande Read More
Hello Sirs, We wanted your advise to deal with below scenarios 1. Owner member not paying monthly maintenance charge on time resulting in big list of defaulters. We have tried couple of actions below : a. Based on our bye-law we have given in writing to owners who default payment by more than 3 months initially. b. Subsequently we have issued formal notice thru legal asking them to clear the payment to which our member responded with legal response with no talking points. Are there any... Read More
we are in ward 192 and with over 250 families living since over 10 years in our lay out. BBMP has not started to carry out their obligations except receiving the taxes and levies. this apart, a person showing an ID card as Revenue Inspector BBMP visit the houses and says he has to come to check measurements of the houses and asks for building plans and 'tax paid' receipts. few has paid him money and he asks few to come to his office. this is going on. my questions ,in discreet, are: 1... Read More
Shree D N Hi http://bangalore.citizenmatters.in/articles/how-to-contact-bbmp-bommanahalli-zone-officials This link has Joint commissioner and others' numbers, please call the joint commissioner/ visit him... Read More
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An old topic for most of bangalore's citizens though! was walking on the main lane connecting langford road to shanthinagar approx 10.10pm for a late night walk to releive some tension. an vehicle was parked just at the crossroad junction, so got aware of road rules immediately! saw a tata sumo vehicle hurtling towards me, i had just one microsecond to escape from it, else would have been history by now!. questioned the driver of cab after taking the risk of crossing his steaming vehicle... Read More
Noise Pollution in a Silence Zone
The stretch of St Johns Church Road is a silence Zone because of Lakeside Hospital. The traffic police department has installed an alarm for Pedestrians which goes non stop every 7 minutes at a very high pitch making the life of people living close to the signal miserable. This type of alarms are to be intalled in places like anil Kumble Circle or Chholai Circle where more pedestrians use the crossings. This particular junction hardly sees any pedestrians. The matter was taken up with the ACP... Read More
How to stop the nuisances created by commercial establishments in residential locality?Especially when the local BBMP is supportive and act as though they are not involved at all? Read More

The tree branches chopped up on Residency Road. Read More
This is to report what I believe is an illegal act of cutting a huge branch of a beautiful tree for putting up an ugly hoarding. This is at the intersection of Brigade Road and Residency Road , next to the petrol bunk at the Residency Chambers building. As I type this, the hoarding is being put up. Can it be investigated if this construction was authorized?The hoarding juts well out of the building onto the footpath. The chopping down and construction was completed overnight which makes it all... Read More
At Hoodi Whitefield the BBMP has laid connection pipes which are not in function, Yet the man-holes of the public drainage system are overflowing and the sewage water is getting logged in front of our apartment main gate. This is making the access to the apartment very tough. The residents are having tough time to pass through it.Already we are suffering from builder ignorance to provide a sewage system and due to that the sewage is released beackside of our building .This is high hygene concern... Read More

In Our Apt. They have chopped a 10yr old, 30ft high Silver Oak tree into HALF saying it was bending and a risk without finding a solution. These guys should be punished, can anyone help ? Read More
manish bhandari looks like I pressed many times . sorry . Read More
June 19 2014, 8:50 AM  ·  Thumb-up-icon 0  ·  Thumb-down-icon 0
Ganga Madappa @manish: this could help: http://bangalore.citizenmatters.in/articles/whom-should-i-complain-to-when-a-tree-is-felled. Some of the numbers may not be valid considering the people might have changed... Read More
June 19 2014, 12:12 PM  ·  Thumb-up-icon 0  ·  Thumb-down-icon 0
Sushmita HI, I had two beautiful trees on a land next to our apartment wall. A cherry tree and an African Tulip. I had photographed some very beautiful birds rarely seen in cities on those trees. Cherry tree... Read More
June 20 2014, 10:25 AM  ·  Thumb-up-icon 0  ·  Thumb-down-icon 0
Arathi Manay Yajaman Manish - The tree looks like it is still "live". With water, it will soon sprout again. Get the area around the tree cleared (the cement blocks removed) to give it space to grow. Read More
June 20 2014, 10:33 AM  ·  Thumb-up-icon 0  ·  Thumb-down-icon 0
Arathi Manay Yajaman If you are on FB, you can check this link https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=767756073268658&set=a.214115241966080.58103.103453856365553&type=1&theater Read More
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