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property tax not paid for 9 years (but paid 2 years before that) property do not comes under BBMP, comes under taluq /gram panchayat. i want to pay now all. any hurdles or conditons? pl reply Read More
Dear Sir/Madam, I have zeroed in on a DC converted, B Khata ground floor constructed independent house in Bangalore. I got it scrutinized by a Lawyer and I have spoken to the neighbors. I learnt that The AC had cancelled the grant on 2/12/10 since it was a grant land and was sold before 15 years however in 2011 against the petition filed by the owners the DC on 17/8/11 set aside AC order and subsequently the layout was DC converted on 23/1/2013. Further to this I inquired at the DC office... Read More
Hi, I am looking for a Vijaya Karnataka Paper Dated:29-01-2012 which had a BDA Site Auction notification. Can some one help in case they have a archives. I did search in epaper archive, but couldn't find. Thanks. Read More
How can some schools work without proper licenses and disclosures? This is utterly shameful and shows that governments cannot police even simple things like licenses, let alone safety procedures and backgrounds of teachers. Schools also, are not experts in some aspects like background checks etc. The only way to address is to use the power of the community. SwaRaksha – a leading child-safety company has launched a Parent Empowerment platform to collect ideas on how to change the system. Please... Read More
Ultimate solution to Child Abuse – Parent Empowerment. The fact that something like this happened in Bangalore within months of a major public revolt, shows that child-abuse in schools will not stop with governmental regulations, media outcry and school assurances alone. Schools are also not experts in security and policing. Something new needs to be done. Parents have to be Empowered. Parents need to be closer partners in evolving solutions that work for them as well as the schools. Join the... Read More
Death Traps on Bangalore Roads. This has reference to ToI news dated 22/10/2014 "Bench asks BBMP chief to explain drain deaths" From time to time, Media has highlighted the hopeless situation of Garbage Management and ever-growing number of Death Traps on the Roads and pavements in Bangalore. However, it is quite strange that even Media exposure does not seem to evoke any interest in the concerned Authorities in Bangalore, to do the needful. It is high time that the State Govt. should... Read More

Deadlock on the ORR at Sarakki signal since today 16th morning. Full width of the road from signal towards Bannerghatta Road dug up for drainage work. No idea how long is this nightmare going to last. Today morning onwards there has been long queue of more than a km on all the sides of this main junction. While there are enough methods and technology available to address such works in quick pace , what is in store here for the nearby residents and all travellers on this main junction on the NH... Read More
Regarding a new flat, how pay property tax to secure A Khatta Read More
Ganga Madappa

Hope this helps.
- How to pay property tax for 2014-15 in Bengaluru? -
- Khata guide for apartments -
- Get your Khata through Sakala, without bribe - http...

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whether commercial establishment permitted in Wilson gardens 7 th cross residential locality Read More
How do I lodge a complaint with BWSSB regarding illegal disposal of sewage leading to water pollution? Read More
Ganga Madappa

You can call the BWSSB helpline on 22238888 or file a complaint here:

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