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Hello, i would like to know what is the next step to be taken to have the slaughter house closed which is illegally set up in our residential area which is causing a lot of health hazard. i approached the BBMP officials but they are favouring the shop keeper. Please let me know what can be done to have it closed once and for all. Read More
Shree D N

Do send in a write up to us, at edit {at} with photos. We will ry to draw the attention of the concerned.

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How do I pay the BBMP Property Tax online for the first time this year for the year 2015-16? Read More
Apollo Pharmacy Deverabishnahalli outlet cheating customers by selling empty medicine bottles I brought a bottle of Ostospray nasal on 27-April-2015 from Apollo Pharmacy, #56, Lakshman Reddy Building, Deverabishnahalli, Bellandur Post, Bangalore- 560103 (bill attached). There was still some medicince left in my existing bottle, so I preserved this bottle as per the prescribed instructions. I opened the new bottle some days later after finishing my existing bottle, but to my utter shock, the... Read More
BBMP has desilted the drains on Kothanur, JPNagar 7Th & 8th phase. The desilted waste has been dumped on the roads and . Due to heavy the silt is fl;owing to roads, the drains are left uncovered and the silt is flowing to the roads. People are unable to walk on the footpath as drains are not covered. Officials of Ward No.195 (BBMP) are requested to clear the silt dimped on roads immediately. Read More
I am sure everyone living and working around East Bangalore are aware of the age naala from Domlur intersection fly over to Ulsoor and beyond. Is there any way that can be covered up and converted into a walking and cycling track? It would really benefit the people living in and around East Bangalore. Read More
Are there any active residents association in Indiranagar to fight for civic issues? If so, kindly get in touch here. Read More
The gutters or moris in between compound walls of houses in residential layouts of the 10th A Main Indiranagar 2nd stage have not been cleaned for a long time now. I am assuming that is the case with every cross in this layout. BBMP used to actively clean the gutters and dispose the garbage in a tempo every year until five years ago. I have been calling the BBMP but no one seems to care. Have recently written to the local MLA Mr. Raghu. Read More
Illegal Parking On The Residential Crosses Across The 10th A Main Indiranagar 2nd Stage Due to the presence of a lot of commercial enterprises, restaurants and pubs on 100 feet road, there is a huge parking menace in and around Indiranagar first cross, 2nd stage, 10th a Main, road. Most of these commercial enterprises don't even offer parking spaces for their consumers who think it is their birth right to park their vehicles into residential layouts, blocking the gates of the houses, jeopardizing... Read More

Commercial activity in residential areas have become a burden on the existing infrastructure and people use residential crosses as parking lots. Read More

These are photos of waste from illegal labor camp run by a Govt company dumping waste into a raja kaluve cutting through Versova Layoout going directly into Kaggadaspura Lake, which our local corporator is trying tto clean. Read More