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In some of the BMTC bus stands, when we try to buy the monthly bus pass on 30th/31st, they are asking to surrender the current (on going month) month's pass to the counter. But when we buy the monthly pass from Majestic or Sivaji nagar no such surrendering is required. 1. Why the different rule at different outlets/depots? 2. We have purchased the bus pass paying the full amount so why should we surrender it to get a new one? 3. Further this can cause a big trouble for those who have to reimburse... Read More

Bicycle rally in Bangalore against State Government, To handover the IAS officer DK Ravi's case to CBI Read More
koramangala is loosing its sheen as a residential area. illegal commercialisation has led to insane traffic and mindless mayhem. every lane has some office ot the other. all officers in the bbmp are corrupt .even a blind person can tell u how much of corruption is going on- simple commonsense. a comprehensive website of bbmp gives uss all the instructions to lodge complaints. do they mean to say they do not know any violation which is ther to see on wither side of the roads in koramangala Read More
Registration of Apartment Association under the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act (KAOA) 1972. Can someone recommend a reliable person who can get the registration done under this act at a reasonable fee.? We have contacted 10+ Lawyers and Agents and nobody is willing to do it under KAOA. They say the Registrar office is not willing to do it and is instead asking to do it under Karnataka Societies Registration Act (KSRA) 1960. The main difference we have understood here is that the KSRA does... Read More
Padmanabha Holla

Dear Mr. Manish,

Authority under KAOA is Registrar of Co-operative Societies. But to the tragedy of law is that there is no notification to the Registrar of Cooperative societies to assume the charge...

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Manish Solanki

Thanks a lot Mr. Padmanabha for the clarification. Do you know somebody who can get our association registered under KSRA then.? Reliable person who can do it in a timely manner with reasonable fees...

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Padmanabha Holla

I am an advocate practicing in Bangalore.

Please call 9986544793

Padmanabha Holla S

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Hi help needed ! We have a brand new sports motorbike gifted which is yet to registered... but we want to sell it... could somebody explain about the registration procedures to be followed by the buyer and cost needed to be incurred ... for Apache RTR 160 single disc.. Read More
He didn’t really feel ashamed to admit his own mistake! It was one Sunday evening, where one of my friends was heading outside on his bike. He was stuck in the traffic, so he had decided to take the footpath way to move ahead towards the signal. On a footpath way, there was a small kid walking with his father. Footpath was not wide enough, so he slowed down his bike and waited till they move away from him. That father was trying to teach his kid, how cautious a kid should be on a road while walking... Read More
Fellow citizens plz b careful from water tankers now a days. As this is their peak season, dey hardly care for anything else. The faster dey drive, d more trips dey complete, thus more money dey mint. Donno wen govt will introduce speed limit control law for these speeding death tankers? Read More
Does the Karnataka state govt realise that fuel prices hav come way below than what dey used to b a few months ago? Why r the BMTC/Volvo bus fares not reduced?? Read More
Akrama - Sakrama Confusion - require clarification I am a house owner under B-Khatha, i now wish to demolish the house and build a new house on the same plot, how will Akrama-Sakrama scheme impact m plans and how to go about the plan to demolish the old house and build a new house on the same B-khatha plot - need clarification Read More