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BBMP is allowing the Garbage contractor to DUMP the Garbage on the main road in C V Raman Nagar and it is blocking the half the road and no pedestrian can walk on this road. Pl Have some sense and let the road be road and not dumping ground Read More

BBMP, Contractor and politiciand pl Act and clear the road

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Anyone whose name is missing from Voters list ,go to your nearest BJP office and fill forms with Aadhar card and Pan card.100% voting is the only way to free our country from crimes and terrorism Read More
harassed by house owner, wants to deduct more than a month of rent as maintenance, let me know the process how can take action against him Read More
Raj Sharma

Mr/Ms Sowmya,
1. The information in your query is not complete. I'll be able to advise correctly if some more details are available e.g.
- A copy of the rent/lease agreement.
- Brief details of...

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Why not the Citizens elect their own leader instead of politicans.We can start with Graduates constituency in Bengaluru where several lakhs of Grdauates live.WE can convince Gradautes easily to vote for a cause. We can do it! It is a low hanging fruit! Read More
Make Free Footpath from roadside vendors, occupied place by shops Bescom Transformers and religious site Read More
No standard followed when installing road medians in Bengaluru. Most of the road medians are either stones/boulders. These boulders and stones alignment is disturbed and are haphazardly placed at the center of the roads. These are dangerous and can cause serious problems to motorists. Wonder if BBMP could follow Hyderabad model of road medians which is better and prevents pedestrians crossing roads at wrong places than the specified areas. Read More
Traffic rules good, but some rationale helps citizens better ... My wife the other day was driving rather slowly (she's a very careful rules-abiding person) from RICHMOND ROAD and taking a RIGHT TURN towards the RESIDENCY ROAD. And at the circle when she sees a GREEN signal, takes a turn (i.e. coming from LEFT-SIDE of Richmond Rd to the LEFT-SIDE of Residency Rd). But on request of the traffic police officer standing on the right-side of Residency Rd turns towards him. And the police officer... Read More
Why most road repair works coincide with the monsoon season? Why not revamp the entire tendering and issue of work orders process to coincide with summer so that the asphalted/tarred roads can get settled with the solar energy for natural compacting? Read More

concrete roads a solution to bad roads in Bangalore!

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DODDABIDIRAKALU LAKE LARGE SCALE POLLUTION. Pls now that ulsoor lake pollution topic has come to the eye of bangaloreans pls help me bring doddabidirakalu lake polution to limelight as the things here are becoming worser by the day. and also a lot of heavy metal industrial sewage has been released untreated into this lake due to which the lake pollution in the days shall become impossible to clean also the corporator of nagasandra 560073 has done nothing till now to this issue and is giving... Read More