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Bangalore Apartments are mostly dependents on Water Tankers to facilitates the water requirement in the apartment. Almost 40% to monthly apartment expenses are incurring because of water tanker cost. Flat owners are not ready to understand the usages and they still want to pay the maintenance based on Sqr ft basis. Do we have judgement or related judgement on this topic? . What is the way or best way to calculate water consumption in each flat? Read More
We have started aTaskforce for prevention of Child sex abuse,Child corporal punishment and unsafe school environment at Karkala taluk in Udupi District reaching out to 276 schools,30,000 students in collaboration with Police and Education Department.Workshops are behing hedl to train teachers on Safe touc-Unsafe touch,POSCO act,educating parents.We are also reaching out to grampanchayats,Gramsabhas and all the parenst with kannada handouts on POCSO and chidl sex abuse in schools.. Read More
How come School teachers accused of multiple sexual assualt are out on bail in days or 2 weeks?.How come lower Courts/High Court so lienient in such cases? Cant we take upa PIL in High Court? Read More
I have a ground floor residential on main road in bangalore. Can i pay its commercial tax to BBMP and used it for restaurant or other commercial usage? Read More
Harassment of Pet Owners by Association I have a 4 months old Labrador pup who has become a bone of contention in our Association's eye. They want us to not take him on a walk in common areas , he is not allowed in lifts , not allowed in parks and there is a 1000 rupees penalty for violation. I as a responsible pet owner always clean up after him as well as keep him on leash but of no avail .... as per Animal Welfare Board notice all the rules made by our association are illegal and Indian constitution... Read More
Ganga Madappa

Hi Preeti, There are several useful resources on the Bombat Dawgz Facebook page that could help your case: Have...

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Ganga Madappa

Posted this on our FB page as well: Do follow.

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Vaidya R

You could also post on CUPA's FB page. Such issues do crop up quite often.
Most apartment associations are made up of retired folk with too much time on their hands. Rules like this, not allowing movers...

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The toxic Ganesha.. As per "Ganesha Puja Vidhana", it is mentioned that one can pray to gold, silver or clay Ganapathi as per one's affordability. It is not mandatory to buy and immerse toxic ganapathis in lakes and spoil our environment! People of Bangalore ... lets get sensitized to this fact. Read More
To keep street dogs away - just dont feed them. But what if neighbors feed? Helpless? Animal Welfare/Security is on hand; sound pollution, sleepless night, dogshit on street are on the other hand ! Help !!! Read More
Sekhar Developer building quality ..? I visited the first project of Sekhar developer .i.e at Bhoganahalli apartment called Sekhar Ridge, spoke to few flat owners of the same, the feedback is " quality of the construction is very bad, even i noticed lot of cracks on wall , which is very unrealistic for a very new apartment, that's shows the build and construction quality which is claimed otherwise by builder, also after sale the builder simply forget of the... Read More
My friend Vandana Murthy writes: "My son has to go to school tomorrow from 12.30 noon to 6.30 pm. It is compulsory to hear the PM's speech!!! Even their test has been postponed. This is unprecedented political marrketing/brainwashing...Orwellian! How is it that schools are taking this kind of political mandate to the students? They have not given parents any time to protest, either. There should be a protest against such tactics by the schools, and the government that mandates... Read More
Need help to control Noise-Pollution (Bangalore)‏‏ There is noise pollution adjacent to my appt at Mahadevpura, Bangalore. I have complained with KSPCB on 4th Feb 2014 but nothing has changed. Could you please help covering this issue? My contact is 9731390909. I have also raised a complaint on ichangemycity. Read More