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The hell called "Tannery Road": Will the authorities wake up to the grim realities of the area in and around Tannery Road? Do(the residents and the local leaders) they have any idea as to what is waiting to happen due to the highly cramped surroundings especially during rainy season and some religious festivals? I have a first hand experience of how it feels to go through those areas without proper sanitation, no traffic rules, no signals, absolutely ridiculous road sense and completely insane... Read More
అనిల్ రెడ్డి (Anil Reddy)

When an earthly piece of earth is turned to a hell, that is when the people need to rise up and stand for their rights.

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January 27 2015, 2:58 PM  ·  Thumb-up-icon 0  ·  Thumb-down-icon 0
Recently I had a bad experience of bescom disconnecting my domestic electricity supply by removing the fuse and throwing it in the bushes (which I located later) without informing me and even when I didnt have even a single bill remaining unpaid till the date of disconnection. I had sent a complaint regarding an excess amount of about 1500/- charged to my account as arrears which went through a long chain of confusion within Mescom and I getting several unrelated calls every one asking me irrelevant... Read More
Law, Practice, Justification, Consequences and Masked Agenda We are a great country with laws that never work: over regulated and under compliant. We have a logical (only we can understand) justification for our deviant ways. To justify non-compliance we create a cacophony of considerations: social justice, poor infrastructure, everyone is violating, non-responsive administration, judiciary and law enforcement systems of low credibility, easier to violate, pay and get our work done; tolerance... Read More
Getting sites from HBCS – some clarifications needed I understand that according to Karnataka HBCS rules and bye-laws say that if a person owns a site/house in his own name within the jurisdiction of the local authority under which the Society exists, he cannot be a member. Some clarifications on: If a person owns a site/house in his own name within the jurisdiction of the local authority under which the Society exists, he cannot be a member and get a house allotted. 1. The site or house... Read More
There is lot of talk about Autos which you can hire on line.Can any one tell me phone no/E Mail ID of such agencies in Bangalore.If any one has used this service can I have their reactions. Read More
Ganga Madappa

Have tried Ola and mgaadi. Clean autos, you have to pay Rs 10 over meter as service charge... overall good service. Also convenient if you're stuck in a place which is not frequented by many autos or...

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January 20 2015, 10:24 AM  ·  Thumb-up-icon 1  ·  Thumb-down-icon 0
My wife has purchased a site in Kengeri Bengaluru in 2006 and paying vacant land tax to BBMP. With lot of difficulty I could get "B" katha after paying bribe. I want to get the "A" katha. Can I get it without bribery and what are the procedures and whom should I contact Read More
Shree D N

Why does the site have B khata? A Khatas are given to the properties that are not revenue lands and have all documents in order. If the property is legal it is possible to get A khata without bribe...

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January 20 2015, 12:09 AM  ·  Thumb-up-icon 0  ·  Thumb-down-icon 0
K V Venu Gopal

I am having a site allotted to me in 2004 by a CHS. The site was formed by the CHS by purchasing DC Converted land and making a layout approved by a Village Panchayat. The society has also paid betterment...

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Petrol and diesel prices have fallen dramatically in the last months. However there is no proposal to revise the auto fares. The auto drivers association fights for increase in fares when fuel prices go up. But they are tight lipped when fuel prices come down. Is it because majority of the autos are owned by politicians? Some urgent action by the government is required to revise auto fares downwards. Read More
I am told that there is in bommanahalli, on hosur road, a subway done with poor and bad planning and thus Govt has wasted, as usual, people's money. Will not atleast one or two in govt dept think as how a subway is to be designed and buil?t Will they be so reckless when they do their own house? Steps are so deep ascending and descending are nearly impossible .totally dark practically& it is not at all used by any from day 1..The high way is so traffic oriented one has to see how the citizens... Read More
i was informed on 24/02/2014 t by sms that "nimma ration card arji sankyye :203910655 dated 16/08/2-13 anumodiside. Ahara katcheri :BANGALORE SOUTH Office. Bandu nimma ration card padeyiri" when i went ther they said they arre being issued thro bangalore one centers. when i came o bangalore one theysaid they are stopped issuing because of notification of elecitons. post election they say they have not got gvt order to issue. see how bad is the administration that an activity is pending for nothing... Read More
Whether a new vehicle can be registered under POWER OF ATTORNEY ? Read More