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Traffic rules good, but some rationale helps citizens better ... My wife the other day was driving rather slowly (she's a very careful rules-abiding person) from RICHMOND ROAD and taking a RIGHT TURN towards the RESIDENCY ROAD. And at the circle when she sees a GREEN signal, takes a turn (i.e. coming from LEFT-SIDE of Richmond Rd to the LEFT-SIDE of Residency Rd). But on request of the traffic police officer standing on the right-side of Residency Rd turns towards him. And the police officer... Read More
sanj apo

FIrst I should appreciate your patience. This is the system in INDIA only Mr. Shrikant.... 1st of all our police and many depts are corrupt and our govt rulers much more.
if the police see a least...

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This has happened to me many times - I now have a dashcam to record everything. By the way, the police are in the job as police because they are good profilers - they can smell a victim a mile away...

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Why most road repair works coincide with the monsoon season? Why not revamp the entire tendering and issue of work orders process to coincide with summer so that the asphalted/tarred roads can get settled with the solar energy for natural compacting? Read More

DODDABIDIRAKALU LAKE LARGE SCALE POLLUTION. Pls now that ulsoor lake pollution topic has come to the eye of bangaloreans pls help me bring doddabidirakalu lake polution to limelight as the things here are becoming worser by the day. and also a lot of heavy metal industrial sewage has been released untreated into this lake due to which the lake pollution in the days shall become impossible to clean also the corporator of nagasandra 560073 has done nothing till now to this issue and is giving... Read More


Burning garbage all around RR Nagar Read More
Hi! There is always burning of garbage near to the school Little Daffodils in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar 560098. The smoke directly come to the school premises where little children play. This burning of garbage poses health risks to those exposed directly to the smoke. I have already given complain couple of weeks back but they said it is resolved but no action till now. The complain number is 10537731. How to sort this problem? Not only this area but most of the open sites in RR Nagar is filled with... Read More
Ganga Madappa

Neetanjali, you can reach out to Special Commissioner for SWM on Twitter: We've shared it with him as well.

Do post the picture as well.

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What are the things you should do when road accident happens to others in front of you? Read More
Ganga Madappa

@Amruta, Have a look at the following article:

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MLAs of various parties are sometimes overworked and lead a high-stress life. However, this is not an excuse for showing Road Rage if the car in front does not give way, or blocking traffic to show off your MLA status. These MLAs forget that they are there to serve the public and not vice versa. Read More
Hello everyone! Day in dayout, the traffic condition is Bangalore is becoming worse. The solution to traffic can be from different perspective - 1. Governance 2. Citizen Behaviour 3. Infrastructure Please share your ideas to improve traffic condition in Bangalore under any of these headings! Read More
Doondi Reddy

Solution : Instead of waiting for Govt/Infrastructure.
Please Plan Prior and Commute Smart.
In the generation of APP, INFO is available on Finger tips.
Use Cycle's for smaller distance.
Use Public...

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Is this permissible?
Couriers ask for receiver's ID and photograph it. They also ask for receiver's relationship to addressee. Is this not a violation of privacy? Do courier companies guarantee the ID image will not be misused? if there is misuse what legal recourse does the consumer have? Can a consumer insist on photographing the delivery person's ID? Read More
Shree D N

I have not seen any courier asking for ids. Which particular courier?

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