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The JD{S} and Kumaraswamy must do something to uplift the Bidadi and Golf Course areas. Otherwise it is a shame. Read More
Why is there so much focus on sarjapur road when it is not close to any airport or any city center? Why the favoritism? Because the politicians are getting paid by Azim Premji? Read More
The junction between Mysore Road and Shanumangala Road has no paved road. It has been destroyed and full of pot holes for the past two years. Huge trucks run on this road which is not rated for the load capacity of more than 1 ton. where is the Municipality for this area? How come 10 ton trucks can use a 1 ton road and get away with it. We are also tax payers who pay for the road. We demand immediate action to force all trucks to use the Toyota Cross Road and not Shanumangala Road. Read More
SHANUMANGALA ROAD - BIDADI - A death trap. The huge trucks are illegally parked on the road sides and are being repaired by unlicensed roadside mechanics and there is nobody to question them. If a citizen questions - those truckers resort to goondaism. Police have no say in anything in this hobli. Panchayats get paid for permitting such violations. Corruption is the word of the day. Read More
The development of Shanumangala Road Bidadi, into a 4 lane road has been delayed by 5 years so far. The excessive congestion on that road caused by huge trucks servicing Toyota and Motherson and other companies on that road is creating a terrible mess for the local residents. Several people have been killed by fast drivers on that road. The Local Panchayat has been very quiet on the subject and we all know why. Will this road ever become a 4 lane road?? Who knows the answer? Maybe the government... Read More
The layout owners are all fronts for the money stashed away by politicians. BENAMI. When will politicians in this state begin working for the welfare of the residents?? When cows begin to fly? Read More
The Electricity Meter in a layout is not installed by Bescom but by the Layout owner. The Layout owner resells electricity to the layout residents at commercial rate of Rs. 5 per unit. He buys the same from Bescom at Rs. 3.50 per unit. I believe this is illegal in karnataka. However, when Bescom AE was approached for a direct supply to residents at residential rate, they refused saying they cannot invest in cables and transformer. what sort of government is this?? Read More
These Layouts which are abandoned after builder gets his money, dont have garbage collection, excessive undergrowth due to poor maintenance and improper water supply and waste disposal. Local Municipality and Bescom refuse to come into the layout because they dont have permission from builder. Local Panchayats are least bothered. Government shows apathy for those who got lured into constructing houses and living in these layouts. Hoblis in West bangalore between Kengeri and Ramanagaram have the... Read More
Layouts by builders being abandoned after money is collected. People buy plots and dont construct for years. Others who contstruct are in trouble because layouts are not maintained. Plot owners are not paying up the maintenance charges. Government intervention is urgent. Read More
rotting smell allover near and around HSR layout http://speakoutindiaa.blogspot.in/2014/04/somasundarapalaya-garbbage-point.html http://epaper.samyukthakarnataka.com/251519/Samyuktha-Karnataka/April022014Bangalore#page/9/2 Read More