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Roads are in pathetic condition in doddathoguru area of e city which is a hub of multinational IT companies. This is a serious condition where top IT companies are situated, their nearby area is in so bad condition that even basic infrastructure is missing from there. This area simply on the pity of gram Panchayata which is only a name , their members are missing.. not spending even a single penny from the tax amount which we are giving to govt... they don’t have a right to ask for tax if they... Read More
Where do I found list of affordable housing properties in Hyderabad?? Read More
Demolitions of buildings and new constructions coming up is common these days. The cutting and polishing of building materials--dressed stone seems to be fashionable --generates horrific levels of noise and dust. Is there ssome way of reducing such pollution? making it mandatory to size and shape these materials off site-outside the city? Read More

Pathetic condition of bus stop in one of the prominent Whitefield Hopefarm junction..urging immediate attention from responsible authorities before a mishap happens and becomes just another headline..feel pain to see hundreds of commuters bound to wait on the catch the bus..every second is prone to accident..area around bus stop is filthy, full of open drains and potholes all over the place, loose tiles inside the bus stand..who owns the responsibility to ensure the basic facilities in... Read More
I am having an issue with a property developer. I am not in Bangalore. I have paid the full amount for the plot I have booked in 2010 and even after 4 years, they could register the plot. I have asked for the refund in last October and no positive response. They are just delaying it and I could not identify the exact issue. Can some one suggest a best method to get back my money? Consumer Forum will help or should I file a criminal case against them? Please help. Read More
Can anyone help, has anyone registered with the PF helpdesk for inoperative accounts, I logged in all the details but after the verification PIN was submitted the page just went blank. Is that how it works, no reference no or acknowledgment, someone please let me know. Thank you. Read More
please find and inform me the procedure to get a " Police Verification Report " to apply for a Immigrant VISA to US Consulat. Read More
I Booked refill cylinder On 29/01/2015 After 22 Days on 19/02/2015 at 07:20 AM the Delivery Man Has Brought Refill Cylinder, Bill Amount is 631.50 He demands 660Rs He Told Delivery Charges Extra So You Have to Paid Extra I ignore him and said How Much Amount Is Printed on the Bill I’ll pay only that much amount He told Ok We I’ll See In Future Important Facts... Read More
Can AAP replicate the success of Delhi in the upcoming BBMP elections ? I think it is the most opportune time for AAP to replicate the success. I am sure citizens of Bangalore will definitely give AAP a Chance. Read More
Ganga Madappa

@srivathsa: You should find this interesting -

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We are going to build our own house near Hebbal Flyover on a 30 X 45 site. What will be the administrative expenses like 1. BBMP / Corporation permission to start construction 2. BESCOM permission to take power supply 3. BWSSB permission to take water connection 4. BDA plan approval 5 Any other Read More