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VLSI Course + 100% Placement Advanced VLSI Design and Verification Course [ VLSI-RN ] Maven Silicon offers Advanced VLSI Design and verification course which is job oriented. This VLSI-RN course trains you on the advanced Design and Verification technologies and methodologies. One can easily enter into the VLSI industry with the skill sets that are gained through this training course. Category : Full Time course Duration : Six Months [4 months Training and 2 months Internship] Timings... Read More
How we will get the status of the complaint lodged with the cops for the stolen mobile ? I am in Blore & I lodged my complaint on 12/12/14. -Dinesh Shenoy M Read More
2 points should be clarified 1....Will I get at least a response for my Question ?? 2....Any action will be taken to rectify the condition ?? Otherwise it's a waste of my time Read More
4th cross Hennur cross. Sanitory pipelines have been layed and connections are also provided in this road. But the Line is not connected to the main connection at main road. These lines are Full now and water is gushing into all the houses , mixing with drinking water. Till now no damage caused to people , but this can eventually damage the entire road and spread serious diseases.People say Tarr road is granted, sewage projects had to completed by this time. Looks like this road doesnt belong... Read More
Doddathogur area roads are in pathetic condition, Also basic infrastructure is very poor.Roads having IT companies are in a very good condition but as you leave those companies, and enter residential areas, you will feel pathetic.Roads are full of potholes and no foothpath at all. Read More
Can i Drive Other State Two Wheeler's in Bangalore by paying Karnataka Life Time Road tax i.e without changing Registration Number ? Read More
Ganga Madappa

Shivbraham, have a look here:

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Pls sign the Petition: Ramanagaram – SBC Bengaluru train service to be EXTENDED to WHITEFIELD station on the SBC - Bangarpet line. About 3 lakh people commute on this route daily. Residents of Bengaluru (especially whitefield) are facing immense hardships to commute on a daily basis. The traffic situation is getting worse day by day. People spend about 2-3 hrs every day, just to commute to their workplace, school/college, business and factories. Without a regular... Read More
Is street dogs our best friends or menace Read More

Pedestrians nightmare at Sarakki Signal on ORR. Drainage opened up on 16th Oct along with the work on the ORR main drain. Even after nearly 2months getting over, the work is still incomplete. It is not clear if the contractor has completed the work and got his clearance , the enclosed photos will speak for itself. While some neat slabs have been put in place adjoining the signal, further stretch of the footpath remains an nightmare. Read More
Are we following other countries blindly to show our emotions in public from our bedroom / home.Such behaviour could be seen everywhere in foreign lands. We or our CULTURE doesn't allow to indulge in such obscenities outside to encourage misbehaviour, rapes, sexual harassment of little kids even which are the results of such perverted views of so called modernised, civilised members of SOCIETY. Foreigners are following our culture, coming and marrying here, adopting vegetarianism, cultural values... Read More

Dear Rashmi, the so called "culture" you refer to is actually not "our" in your sense of the term. This culture which makes "blindly showing our emotions in public" obscene is actually a Victorian culture...

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