Traffic rules good, but some rationale helps citizens better ... My wife the other day was driving rather slowly (she's a very careful rules-abiding person) from RICHMOND ROAD and taking a RIGHT TURN towards the RESIDENCY ROAD. And at the circle when she sees a GREEN signal, takes a turn (i.e. coming from LEFT-SIDE of Richmond Rd to the LEFT-SIDE of Residency Rd). But on request of the traffic police officer standing on the right-side of Residency Rd turns towards him. And the police officer says that she had defaulted a signal and puts a fine on her, which she pays. Now analyzing where she had made a mistake, we ask the officer why fine when she took a turn only on seeing the right-turn signal (which was still glowing as it had 15 secs more to go). He responds that the RIGHT-TURN signal is only for the RIGHT-SIDE riders on the RICHMOND ROAD, and NOT for the LEFT-SIDE riders of it, and also mentions that there was also a NO-RIGHT-TURN board put over there. This is purely a confusion for the riders on this road, esp those who do not ply on it regularly. And also goes on to state that the board was put there by the BBMP dept, hence Traffic Police is not answerable to it. Now can someone think about a driver too, and understand that the eyes aren't a 360 deg camera. Especially when someone sees a RIGHT-TURN-SIGNAL brightly glowing, they barely can presume that the same road will also have a NO-RIGHT-TURN board to be present as well. I hope the department, be it the Traffic Police or the BBMP also to be humans and probably agree to the same. A SIMPLE SOLUTION could've been - have a RIGHT-TURN-SIGNAL on the RIGHT-SIDE of the the Richmond Rd so that riders on that side of the road only can see it, and take a turn, instead of putting the signal on a central location for both sides sides (on opposite side of the road). This probably could be a more rationale way of doing things, and LEFT-SIDE-riders when they do not see a signal will automatically oblige with whatever shown to them, and a NO-RIGHT-TURN board may not even be required perhaps. Plz do not CONFUSE the INNOCENT riders, and take undue advantage of their obedience to the law. BTW right while we were talking to the police officer, there were so many riders outrightly defaulting, jumping the red signal and other violations, and the officer was not even able to do anything about it. And when we question that, he rather says that do you want to be a good citizen or take the path of a bad one - strangely police likes to only take advantage of the innocent people, while they cannot do something about the serious offenders. Hopefully the department(s) can do something about it for the future. Thank you.