The attached photo shows an outstanding example of utter disregard for cleanliness, by BBMP, Politicians and their chelas, in Bangalore. The dustbin is being used to mount a hoarding. Garbage is stacked on the pavement. BBMP does not consider it as its duty to install dustbins. Enthused by NaMo's Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, in order to keep public Roads and pavements, around Brigade Millennium, clean, some dustbins were installed by voluntary contribution of residents of Brigade Millennium, near Brigade Traffic Signal. At present other dustbins installed by us, are being used by pedestrians, thereby pavements are relatively cleaner than earlier. However, misuse/ abuse of the dustbin as shown in the photo, near the Br Tr Signal, with BBMP neither pulling the hoarding down, nor penalising anybody, will encourage other miscreants to do the same