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We live in a building constructed 2 years ago with a majority owner who has rented out his flats-- but has not paid maintenance fee for many months, nor takes interest in the managing and upkeep of the building and is blocking an owners society. The builder continues to look after the management and collects maintenance fee monthly. What is the recourse for the individual owners? Read More
I am looking for an apartment near whitefiled @ 3035 per sq ft and super build up area is about 1050. So my cost is coming around 32L. My query is for stamp duty guidance fee would be @ 3035 per sq ft or something different and registration fee will be paid on approx 32 L? Read More
Hi Everyone, I want to get the attention of the responsible Bengaluru citizens towards the menace caused by the blatant and increasing use of loudspeakers by religious buildings ( temples , mosques, gathering ) and events organized by the politicians on various events. In most cases, the loudspeakers are installed randomly on any building, without permission and without considering the nearby residential area, hospitals, schools, libraries etc. People keep suffering and don't complain... Read More
Citizens need to stay united and strong, relentless and focused, at times like these, when administration and big builders play hand-in-glove to destroy our beloved city for personal gain.... Read More
Big boulders at Hosa Road Junction - restriction of 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers to move from SBI on service road towards Madiwala Crude, unscientific solution Read More
I had sent an article on bill board menace in Bangalore. I dont see it being published or discussed., why? Read More
What can lead to cancellation of Occupancy certificate. It is a known fact that there are very few buildings in Bangalore (residential) that has Occupancy Certificate? And even those who have, can be revoked in case of non compliance. Recently Mantri mall OC was cancelled. Societies generally flout norms after OC is granted. I want to know what are the cases in which an OC can be cancelled / penalty be levied (and particluarly in following cases): 1. Many owners cover their balcony by aluminium... Read More
I own a Flat in Basavangudi, The appartment has 11 Flats in total. There is no Association registered, However an Internal organisation is formed on understanding. My problem is the internal association is limiting the use of generator and Lift to only certain period of time and I have dis agreed to it and have filed a police complaint? Even in Police station association has made a statement that only majority decision holds and this bring my ownership and security and safety rights to null... Read More
Revised Property Tax Return - BBMP BBMP allowed to file revised property tax returns for the property who has paid more than 20% from previous year payment. You can visit BBMP website to file revised property return to claim excess payment of property tax. As per BBMP website Jan 13, 2017 is the last date to file revised property tax return. Apparently there is no announcement of revised property tax filing in BBMP website or in any newspaper. kr/- Read More
How to begin a registered coaching center in Bangalore? Where and whom I should approach to get the License/certification? I have 350 Sq.Ft class room built on the 2nd Floor of my Residence with a planning of providing Smart Class Experience and benefits to the students. Will there be objections from the authorities to have the Coaching classes in a Residential area. Please guide me. Read More