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I am from Corona Apartment, Shivaramkaranthagar Bengaluru. I would like to know the process of renewal of our 30 KLD STP CFO. Read More
I have B khata property at present and we were living in the same location since 1985. I paid the property taxes till date and my property is registered. Only problem is B khata property? recently I heard the news that some people (old owner of the land) came and started surveying all the places. Is it a precaution or something I need to take it seriously. Please help us out... Read More
BBMP charges double the amount as property tax for houses/apartments, if they are let out. What is the justification for this?Was this proposal ever challenged in a court/ consumer fora? Read More
Is there any law that each separate apartment in a building should have individual meters for water? Read More
About felling of trees for road widening, is it that difficult to get the machines/transport equipments to take them out properly and replant them ? If China can do it, why can't why ? Can you please start a movement to get the trees replanted ? L Read More
Is it possible to form a Residents Welfare Association for an entire neighbourhood (not just single layout)? Can one do this without formal registration under Societies Act, just an RWA recognized by BBMP as representing that neighbourhood? Read More
RAJAKALUVE: This has become a perennial problem with every rain Bangalore getting flooded and only then BBMP and other departments wake up and this time they want to take back Bangalore to 100 year old land of ditches and pots hole and grave yards. If this continues I think they may even demolish K R S dam as it was constructed and land later river cauveri was diverted into it. So to take the river into its original course they may dislodge the entire society for they dont know how to manage... Read More
What does a Sensitive Residential Zone mean in the CDP maps? Does that mean residential projects are allowed? Read More
Traffic rules good, but some rationale helps citizens better ... My wife the other day was driving rather slowly (she's a very careful rules-abiding person) from RICHMOND ROAD and taking a RIGHT TURN towards the RESIDENCY ROAD. And at the circle when she sees a GREEN signal, takes a turn (i.e. coming from LEFT-SIDE of Richmond Rd to the LEFT-SIDE of Residency Rd). But on request of the traffic police officer standing on the right-side of Residency Rd turns towards him. And the police officer... Read More
sanj apo

FIrst I should appreciate your patience. This is the system in INDIA only Mr. Shrikant.... 1st of all our police and many depts are corrupt and our govt rulers much more.
if the police see a least...

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September 15 2016, 5:22 PM  ·  Thumb-up-icon 1  ·  Thumb-down-icon 0

This has happened to me many times - I now have a dashcam to record everything. By the way, the police are in the job as police because they are good profilers - they can smell a victim a mile away...

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November 01 2016, 10:53 AM  ·  Thumb-up-icon 0  ·  Thumb-down-icon 0
Why most road repair works coincide with the monsoon season? Why not revamp the entire tendering and issue of work orders process to coincide with summer so that the asphalted/tarred roads can get settled with the solar energy for natural compacting? Read More