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Request the concerned authorities to take necessary action regarding a new built park for kids to be officially opened and allow the gate to be kept open during the regular park timings. Children are forced to crawl beneath the gate to go inside and adults have found an unique access of having torn open a portion of the barged wire fence. The park is on 17th cross road, jp nagar 2nd phase near Smile dental clinic. I spoke to couple of parents who were wondering why the park is not yet assigned... Read More
The Masterplan for Bangalore released by BBMP. Has this been discussed in this site before ? If not, can we start one now ? We can evaluate and comment on it. Read More
DENGUE CURE--- Pappaya leaves---grind---juice and drink everyday for 15 days.If in case Pappaya leaves not available then tulsi leaves grind and juice drink .Thanks Vijaya Shanbhag Read More
Vacant sites in Bangalore, becoming dump yards for waste and urinals...Can something be done for this.. Read More
Vinaya Kumar H

Hi Madhukar,

I am Vinaya Kumar residing at HBR Layout, and a member of HBR Residents Welfare Association, HBR RWA. We residents too are facing a lot of problems due to vacant sites debris and unwanted...

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Vinaya Kumar H

Thanks to Bangalore Citizen Matters for providing us such a platform to discuss various issues.

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Vinaya Kumar H

Request Madhukar to try/implement this in your ward and share your experience here.

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Please see the attached photos of Bhoganahalli main road,just 1 KM from Kadubisenahalli Outer Ring Road. The road is full of water when it rains and a prototype of Himalayan mountain range in sunny days.It is hardly 300 meter from Cisco Cessna tech park India head office and it is such a shame for us for people visiting from all around the world experiencing this . There are a lot of schools around ; parents offen get involved in accidents and mishaps due to pathetic road conditions. The tax given... Read More
Dog menace INSIDE hospitals. 6 dogs attacking a patient on wheel chair and his attender inside NIMHANS at 10:30 PM (night). Many Dogs attack a lone helpless attender returning from ward to Dormitory inside Kidwai cancer hospital at middle of night. This is my personal experience. Human rights shall be above animal rights. Read More
Shree D N

Where is the picture?

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Stray Dogs menace: why not set up a large enough enclosure in the Bangalore Zoo and have all the stray dogs inside? They can have enough place to run around and can be fed like other animals. The present...

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BMTC the biggest polluter One wonders if government run buses themselves pollute environment so much, how can we ask others to fall in line with emissions. It is very easy to blame growing cars in the city but even before we go there, how many times concerned authorities have checked pollutants from BMTC, how many cases are filed. Even volvo buses seems to be filled with kerosene for all that black fumes. Read More
Hi there.... can anybody tell me who won the recent election held from Kadugodi ward? till now no improvements to be seen in and around Whitefield. Read More
Ganga Madappa

Rakesh, you can find the info here:
Also contact nos here:

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As per the BMTC notification all passengers aged above 60 and who have listed ID cards like PAN card, electoral photo identity card, driving licence, ration card or any identity card issued by the government indicating the age of the passenger are eligible for a 25 per cent concession in fares in all its services, except Vayu Vajra (airport special service). But in practice the conductors are refusing to issue the concessional ticket on production of any listed ID cards above. They are accepting... Read More
Can someone recommend centers that can teach: gmail, whatsapp, facebook skills for senior citizens in Vidyaranyapura in a fun and preferably in Telugu-English or Hinglish? Thanks smile emoticon ! There may be others who would be interested in finding out about Kannada-English centers as well. Read More